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CasaLife is set to offer a service to the homeless that we see on a day to day basis on the streets around us. We aim to offer homeless people a room to rent, however Casalife will offer a room to the individuals for the first 4-6 weeks, for free of charge. During this time they will be required to work with one of our key workers to get them back into work or education. Until employment is achieved our key workers will stay and work with the individuals to access Universal Credit (UC) so they will then have a steady income while they work to get themselves back onto their own two feet.

As a fair organisation we will put into place a system of priority, to ensure that those in need the most will get the service required as soon as possible. We understand that some needs are sometimes higher than others and once all rooms are occupied, we will sadly be unable to continue supporting others until another room becomes available. we aim to ensure that individuals will be in their own home, with a stable job & income within six months from joining the scheme.

Once individuals have left the scheme, we will offer a after service to ensure that even now after they are now back on track with a possible career of education ahead of them, that they still get the help and support that they might need.

We would be very very grateful to anyone who is willing to help get our company started as we have a real drive to help the homeless. If you have any more questions please feel free to contact us. Any donation will help.

Thank you,

Bailey & Kai Co-Founders

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