Scoliosis for Jillian GoFundMe Campaign

Scoliosis and kyphosis for Jillian This is my eleven year old daughter and she has scoliosis and kyphosis, the medical bills,travel,lodging and tutors from this corrective surgery and recovery are going to be substantial and we could use everyone’s help.  Her school doesn’t offer tutoring help and she will be out of school for six weeks.

She is very scared as are we. This a disorder that was inherited but it has been caught early enough that it can be altered in her favor. We have MRI’s scheduled and other specialist that she has to see before the surgery and the plan is to have this done before Thanksgiving due to concern about this disorder may be effecting her internal organs.

She will have an incision the length of her back and they will have to twist her spine back into place before they put chromium rods on each side of her spine and lace them together to hold in place. She will have a long recovery.  Please help us help our daughter, $5, $10 anything will help. God Bless.  Also any feedback is greatly appreciated.

Please check the updated information for additional information.  We find out her MRI results tomorrow so then we will know is any organs are compromised.

Again, thanks and God Bless.32861648_1536616201719562_r.jpeg

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