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Hi. I am an electrician, and I have developed an innovative electrical outlet, to help the world by providing safety, convenience, and aesthetics.

The current electrical outlet is outdated. According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety commission, each year approximately 4,000 people find themselves in the emergency room seeking treatment for injuries caused by accidents involving electrical outlets, many of them are children.

The current outlet could benefit from modification to meet safety needs, as well as user-friendly needs such as ease of connection and aesthetics.

35157200_1544146206970962_r.jpegThe latest design shown above

This new outlet replaces over 100 year old technology, with a magnetically activated outlet (patent pending). It’s safe to touch, as it has no holes fascinating to children.

Its magnetic unidirectional connection, makes it easy to use, even in hard to access areas. No more forcing prongs in and out of a socket, or guessing in which direction they go.

35157200_1544146317322154_r.jpegIncluded adapter shown above

How the outlet works:
The connection terminals are hidden back and behind a shield, which makes it safe to touch. (The video shows the original design, before the hidden terminals) When the connector from the appliance you intend to connect makes contact with the outlet, the mechanism engages to bring electricity to the item. The instant you remove the connector, the outlet disengages.

This outlet is unidirectional. It doesn’t matter what direction you connect it. This is a huge convenience over the current design in which you must line up the prongs with the slots.

Sometimes a three prong plug can be hard to plug in or unplug. With this magnetically activated outlet, you can easily connect and disconnect, without even looking.

I have been able to make a prototype as seen in the video, and after working out some kinks and making improvements, it’s time to get a finalized product, get it UL listed (for safety), and ready to bring to market.

You can help by donating to this campaign, and bring this technology to reality.

Thank you.

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