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Family of Josefina Cunningham Jy’Quan Stewart Urges Rensselaer County DA to Address Delays and Prepare for High-Profile Trial

Rensselaer, NY — In a recent statement, the brother of the late Josefina Catherine Cunningham Jy’Quan Stewart has voiced a strong appeal for more proactive engagement from the Rensselaer County District Attorney’s Office. Amidst growing concerns over the apparent delays and communication gaps, there is a pressing call for the office to expedite its preparations for the upcoming trial of Robert J. Fisher, scheduled for July 31, 2024.

The case, which has captured the attention of the public due to the tragic circumstances surrounding the young Josefina’s death, is poised to be a significant legal proceeding in the state. The family’s representative has expressed a sense of urgency in ensuring that they are fully informed and prepared for what may be one of the most consequential trials in New York State history.


The District Attorney’s Office is being urged to prioritize this case, not only to uphold justice for Josefina but also to demonstrate the legal system’s commitment to supporting families affected by such profound tragedies. The community awaits a trial that is conducted with the utmost diligence and transparency, reflecting the gravity of the crime and the public’s demand for accountability.


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