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Florida Rehab Clinic Takes Intensive Care Approach To Combat Hidden Disease

2008-08-04 08:57:02

Even when confronted with a weak economy and rising unemployment rates, gambling addiction continues to grow at an accelerated rate in the United States. To combat the problem, CARE FLORIDA has created an intensive 14 Day Compulsive Gambling Treatment Program.

North Palm Beach Florida (EMWNews) August 4, 2008 —Compulsive Gambling, often referred to as a “hidden disease”, continues to grow at a jeopardizing rate in the United States as if people are trying to literally “chase their losses” when confronted with a weak economy and soaring unemployment rate. C.A.R.E (Comprehensive Addiction Recovery Education) FLORIDA, a holistic-based Florida drug rehab clinic, has decided to combat the often overlooked disease head-on by creating an intensive 14 Day Compulsive Gambling Treatment Program.

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structured living and intensive therapy

Contrary to popular belief, compulsive gambling is not about the money, it’s about the high that comes with it. Often analogized to an addiction for crack-cocaine, compulsive gambling can act as a great precipitator between first wager and pathological problem. But compulsive gambling is not technically an addiction. It is an impulse-control disorder–a disorder, according to the Mayo Clinic, in which you can’t resist a temptation or drive to perform an act that’s harmful to you or someone else. Often, compulsive gambling acts as a liaison for other serious dependences such as alcohol and drug addiction. Thus, C.A.R.E FLORIDA recognizes the severity of a “gambling addiction” and the need for addiction treatment.

Utilizing a combination of “structured living and intensive therapy,” C.A.R.E FLORIDA invokes a demanding fast-track regiment which targets the need for addiction treatment by fashioning full and intensely busy days involving therapeutic activities which begin at 8:30 AM till 10:00 PM. Also, individual attention is given with a psychiatrist each day, a meeting with a primary and/or gambling counselor, and meetings with groups on gambling addictions. The C.A.R.E. FLORIDA family sums up their program as, “every hour of every day will be devoted to introducing important skills to contribute to recovery.”        

The proliferation of lotteries, casinos, and internet gaming undoubtedly supplies easier access to gambling, but the rise of foreclosures, unemployment rates, a weak economy, and more teenagers developing gambling addictions helps garnish an ideal environment for pathological gambling to breed. This is why C.A.R.E. FLORIDA’S gambling addiction treatment does not just end after two weeks.

Upon completion of the inpatient phase, an outpatient therapist is assigned to help develop a continuing care plan, while allowing the patient to pursue work and other responsibilities. Furthermore, it is expected of the patient to complete a 12-step program with the GA (Gamblers Anonymous) fellowship, as well as complete written assignments for submission to the patient’s new therapist and/or C.A.R.E. staff. The road to recovery requires a dedicated and resolute need for continued personal treatment for preventing addiction relapse. This continued nurture from CARE FLORIDA is what continues to make them unique and innovative in their approach to addiction treatment.

Addictions and compulsions may indeed be chemically based and written across the very nature of our brains and bodies. However, CARE FLORIDA understands that nurturing is vital to addiction recovery. Granted, some forms of nurture are a more intensive than others. But sometimes tough love is what’s needed for some to open their eyes, take a deep breath, take their chips off the table, and stay off the bet.

For additional information on C.A.R.E FLORIDA and their 14 Day Compulsive Gambling Treatment program please contact press @ or visit

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