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For my Beloved son’s Maxim Mikhniouk Memorial Services GoFundME Boost ViralExposure.us CrowdFunding Campaign

I’m grieving father who lost his son.His name is Maxim. He was 29. Young man who started new life. He was full of dreams and hopes.

I want to raise some funds to pay bills after moving his body from Alberta to Ontario.

This is almost 2,000 km. I want to bring him home and arrange good memorial service and place him in quiet place where he can rest in peace.


Once upon a time…
That how all stories beginning.
I’ll  tell you story about my son.
His name is Maxim.
Before he was ever born I knew that I will give him this name. As all fathers we want to see our kids strong, successful and  supportive when we are get older.
I decided this is perfect name: Maxim. He will do everything for maximum in his life.
He grew fast as all kids do and always was active.
Liked to ride bicycle, swim and play soccer.
The most he liked to go walk in park and sit on bench and watch  big buses passing by full of riders.
And he always told me that one day he will be driving big bus…
This love to big buses he carried trough his life same as love to workshop. He liked make things from wood. One day Maxim made
clock from carefully selected pine tree plank. He spent hours for polishing it so knots will come up on surface and create mystical picture.  After that he covered it with lacquer to preserve his hard work he done. In center he inserted clock with two little golden color handles
and all digits he glued around in right order…
Happy Fathers Day dad he said and handled me box he brought from his school with clock inside. He knew that I will like his work because he knew that I also like make things of wood and like smell of pine tree…
Maxim also liked to read books. His favorite writer was Stephen King.
His novels intrigued him.  I found 363 books on his online bookshelves and five cardboard boxes full of his own favorite books. Imagination let him see world differently.
No-one of us is perfect. Maxim was one of us … not perfect.
He wanted to do in his life on his own way… sometimes long way…
One day he came from school and said that he wants to start working.
Nothing could stop him. I knew that he wants to learn his own life lessons… He started work hard in one small company another one until I brought him to my work I used to work.
Steam Whistle Brewery was his best job ever he told me… Despite fun work he finally started learn that education is very important… I saw he learning his life lessons. Dad he said, I know what I really love and liked whole my life…. Cars, cars and cars. I want to be a car mechanic and repair cars for you and for other people.  That was his dream. and he started work towards it so his dream will come true. But it was little too late to go back to school…
Maxim found ways to get his credits he needed to complete high school program and get his diploma. He started learn his real profession in College… a car mechanic. He was so excited while talking about different transmissions… Dad, it is hard but I know I can do this and I will do this… I will fix your car one day . Ok,  son I said I’ll wait for you.
And he did it. My car could not break… but  Maxim successfully graduated College and got his Certificate of Mechanics. He was working on another people’s cars and helping them by fixing them…
I was so proud of my son that he chosen profession same as me: mechanics.  During his practice at Canadian Tire Auto shop He said that he has big plan to go to Alberta and open his own business with his good friend. It is time to make your own decisions Max, I said. for sure you can do this. I’m so proud of you, son. I want to be proud of myself, Dad, he said.
And Max left to make his another dream real.
We helped him… God, this is so far… we did not realize how far it was.
Everything was fine. Work, cars, friendship… normal life until love come to his heart. Oh, he suffered so  much. Love hit him so hard. I never see him suffering so much. He wanted to be with this girl every second of his life, see her eyes, hear her laughter while he was telling stories to her..
He wanted to do anything… but could not… She  is married with another man…
Life is toughest teacher. Life tought him lessons except one.
Love broke his heart. My son did not pass his last exam…

Life. What is life? To teach lessons? To test us how strong we are?
I thought I’m strong enough grown without remembering my own parents. I lost my mom and dad when I just was 3 years old…
I spent 3 years in Orphanage. And could spend more but thanks to my uncle. He adopted me and treated me like his own son.

And now what? New testing?

… Maxim not with us anymore…

We lost  amazing  young man, our beloved son…

29. That how Maxim was young and his life began and ended and his dreams and hopes always will be with him.

We will always remember Maxim as good son, good friend, good mechanic.

Thank you for reading this story about my son Maxim.

Please forgive him if he caused you or to anyone he knew any pain and troubles…

Please help me.

Please donate.

My wife just got back to her work after one and half year recovery after her shoulder surgery.
I have two more sons 22 and 10 years of age.
They need my  attention and support. Nothing should change in their lives even they lost their big brother.

I need financial help to pay all expenses.
I will manage funds.
All will be spent for his Memorial Service.
I want to bring my son here to Ajax from Alberta.
I want him to be close to me.
My son deserved nice quiet place where  he will rest in peace.

Thank you.

With great respect to all of you…

Grieving father Serguei Mikhniouk

For more info: http://https://www.gofundme.com/for-my-beloved-sons-maxim-memorial-services

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