Please Help Vet Family That Lost home due to Hurricane Florence

My family has lost our home due to the hurricane and we need to replace it, the insurance didn’t give us enough money to replace it and we lost all of our furniture.

We are currently living in a small rv. Please help us get into a home. My husband and I both served in the Armed forced my husband did three tours overseas in the Marine Corps and I was in the Army and I was able to go over one time. We are not ones to ask for help and believe that unless you earn it you don’t get it but in circumstances like this there’s times I have to accept the facts and ask for help and it is hard to do.

Our insurance says we cannot buy a home unless it is like for like. We are trying to come up with the rest of the funds. We were denied by fema we have resubmitted with them to try again. We were denied the business loan because of my college loans. We are trying to find grants now.

Please if you have any information that can help us let us know. We only need about 20,000.

For more info: http://