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What does Neurotak Publishing do?
Neurotak Publishing is a not-for-profit company that was established in 2018 to publish only one journal known as NeurosciRN or Neuroscience Research Notes (eISSN: 2576-828X). NeurosciRN is a free open access, peer-reviewed quarterly journal that considers high quality, short and concise research as well as technical reports in all aspect of the nervous system. The journal emphasises meticulously on the hypothesis formation, research methodology, data interpretation and conclusion derived from both positive and negative findings, orphaned studies or neglected observations of related fields of neuroscience research. The journal is accessible at

More about NeurosciRN
NeurosciRN is a brainchild of the founding editors which aims to keep the article submission and accessibilty (open access) free of any charges to anyone in the field. Scientific publishing has become an integral part of research in order to communicate experimental findings. Unfortunately, numerous research remain unpublished due to the current trend where only positive and comprehensive studies are preferably considered. Many single experiment observations are important but do not find a place in many journals, especially highly cited and high impact journals. In addition, most institutions do not provide financial support for publication charges leading to a deadlock situation where many studies remain unpublished. NeurosciRN aims to serve as the platform to accommodate these findings while maintaining the fundamental purposes of hypothesis formation and testing in science particularly in neuroscience.

Who runs the journal?
NeurosciRN is managed and run by a bunch of dedicated and volunteered scientists. The journal will serve as a platform for neglected science; science deemed too small, incomplete, with lack of a coherent story or bearing no positive findings but with scientific merit. NeurosciRN will consider your manuscript as long as the study was properly performed and the data or story is adequately interpreted or told. Nothing is too small for us. Only good science or bad science. NeurosciRN will liberate and uncover neglected science that scientists have spent lots of time, funding and effort on. Why keep them in the lab book when you can showcase them and make them known to everyone? Funding has been the main hurdle in preventing the publication of small findings and therefore we make it possible by enabling everyone to access, read and submit to NeurosciRN without any fees.

Why do we need a funding for the journal?
Submitting, publishing, reading and accessing any articles in the journal do not incur fees of any form. The journal is made for non-profit in order to liberate science and make it free of charge for everyone. At the same time, we want it to be organisation free too. So only scientists would be able to decide the faith and steer the future directions for the journal. We started off with a funding collected from donors which was put into setting the publishing company (which is a legal requirement for a journal published in Malaysia). We have enough funding to sustain the journal for 2 years but we need to continue the good cause in freeing scientific publishing from a money making business so all scientists can publish freely without limiting their rights to convey or communicate their intellectual thoughts within this platform.

However, someone would have to pay for the bills (server, domain, doi, archiving, marketing, manpower etc) and expenses that keeping this journal free for all. By average, 16-hour is spent on each accepted article from the moment of acceptance to publication. Not to mention the time spent on processing the manuscript for peer-reviewing. All copyediting and production works are currently carried out by volunteers. As much as we do not want to get paid for the noble job that we do, we hope to have better funding to improve the efficiency of our volunteers in delivering our free journal/knowledge to all!

What are we asking for?
We are asking for USD 5000 to sustain the journal for another 5-7 years. Supporters, readers and authors feel free to contribute any amount as you like. We are cool too if you decided not to contribute. After all this is the main reason behind establishing the journal to help liberating science regardless of your backgrounds. The contribution is never obligatory. If you do contribute, you make maintaining the journal far more sustainable in long term basis. Regardless of your decision, please feel free to contribute your next manuscript to the journal or access any published articles as you like! As much as we want to sustain better, we look forward to your contributions as well as readership!

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