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From Cash to Choices: Wisconsin Party’s Plan to Reshape How America Elects Presidents

Madison, Wisconsin Jul 5, 2024 (EMWNews.com) – The current process for selecting the President of the United States is broken. The Wisconsin People’s Party proposes that the process for the selection of the United States president be amended as follows:

(1) WPP proposes that the federal government exclusively fund all federal elections. All private money shall be barred. To keep the cost of elections down, campaigning shall be limited to the three months before the election.

Unlimited money has corrupted the selection process in too many ways to innumerate. Still, in the current instance, money is a leading reason President Biden cannot be replaced on the Democratic ticket, except by Vice-president Harris. Furthermore, studies have shown that the candidate who collects the most campaign cash wins the election about 90% of the time, which leads to the unsurprising outcome that all legislation signed into law by the president benefits the wealthy. Any benefits bestowed to the working class is statistically coincidental.

(2) The Electoral College shall be eliminated by Constitutional amendment and the president shall be elected by direct popular vote.

(3) Ballot access shall be automatic for each legally recognized party and the party’s candidate.

(4) The federal government shall finance three debates before the election. All candidates who have ballot access must be included in the debate and given equal time to express their views on all issues that are presented to the candidates. 

(5) The vote shall be by ranked-choice voting, otherwise known as instant run-off voting.

Wisconsin People’s Party has outlined the principles of healthy democracy in their platform, view it at https://withepeople.net/healthy-democracy

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Source :Wisconsin People’s Party

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