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I’m attempting to raise money to open my first store. And then take the sales from that store and start building more I hope to build five within the next two years 15 to 20 within the next five years.

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My name is Gary Spradlin. I’m looking to open a chain coffee shop that are very efficient and cost-effective as well as great quality (just as good or better than national chains). This project is to help fund my first location and then fund the next location with sales from first and so on. I have managed and owned other Food and Beverage establishments, successfully in the past. But, I had partners to answer to then, and they could not envision growth. With out growth you are scratching out a living. So I sold my interests to get away from that situation.  I am going into business for myself (without partners) since it is difficult for me to keep a good job with my health issues, kidney disease. I am looking to take charge of my Health and Financial situation. No longer allowing someone else to control my destiny any longer. Failure and success ride solely with myself. So I designed a way to afford better health insurance and stabilize my family income. Disability is not an option for me. I am still able to work, so I will. With your help I can do for myself and my family. Anyone may contact me with questions at any time. I will answer any and all messages.

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