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My son has a congenital anomaly – the absence of the external ear canal (no left ear, right ear is deformed), hypoplasia of the middle ear. The fact that my son had no ears, I learned after his birth. Pregnancy proceeded well, without complications. The diagnosis is : “Bilateral atresia and microtia of external auditory canals. Conductive hearing loss of 3-4 degree. ” Arseniy is completely missing left ear, the middle ear cavity is reduced in size. The right ear is underdeveloped, as the external auditory canal and the eardrum.

Due to poor hearing Arseniy is behind his contemporaries in speech development. The physician-audiologist offered us a hearing aid bone conduction on the shroud, which vibrates and transmits sound through the skull directly to the auditory nerve. But the boy is growing, and the bones of the skull stronger, so – the hearing aid will not be able to help him, and Arseny can remain deaf forever.We are carrying the helping aid from 1.6 years.

Now Arseniy is 5 years old. This works very bad (beeps) under the hats, so we do not wear the device on the street, and Arseniy can not hear, can not hear a car passing by, dogs barking. Therefore, he can not even go out into the yard to walk with other children. Audiologist offers to implant a hearing aid in the child’s head, which means that the head of my son will be stuck on the metal pin which is itself mounted a hearing aid. However, the implantation will continue to accumulate dirt, and throughout the life of the implantation site should be processed with a special solution on a daily basis.

This means that my son will never be able to play contact sports, for fear that the machine could fall, break. He can not swim in the pool, in the sea, because it is possible that the machine falls into the water. We decided to look for clinics that are engaged in the restoration and reconstruction of ears. On the Internet in a forum where parents, being in such a situation, share their problems and experiences in addressing this situation, one mother shared information about what they have found good people abroad – in America. After a successful operation to restore hearing and the ear, the parents organized a conference with these doctors. At one conference, we learned that the clinic CEI (The International Center for Atresia and Microtia Repair, 1900 University Avenue, Suite101, E. Palo-Alto, CA94303, USA, California, reduced external and internal auditory canal children after then the child hearing restored to 100%, and the hearing aid does not need.

The modern material Med-Por with which doctors form the outer ear, which apparently does not differ from this ear, and it turns out the same as the moving in a healthy person. So with the help of modern equipment, the doctors reveal and restore the internal auditory canal, after which the child begins to hear. This combined operation is carried out physicians: Dr. John F. Reinisch, Professor of Surgery, Department of Plastic Surgery is headed by the University of Southern California. He is currently the director of department of craniofacial and pediatric plastic surgery at the Medical center Cedars – Sinai in Los Angeles. Dr. Joseph Roberson, MD, CEO of CEI.

He maintains an active clinical and surgical practice, is responsible for the training of doctors in the field of Otology-neurootology-skull base surgery. For individual consultation doctors examined the Arseni, whose conclusion, our son suitable according to the criteria in the conduct of this operation, ie, our son can restore hearing and ears to form a healthy kids. And this is for us the most important thing is that the child will hear the full as we all do. Physicians are willing to perform the surgery and help Arseny. Operation on the reconstruction of ears and hearing restoration in America is very expensive – $ 156,000 for both ears ( for one ear it is 78 000 $). All our efforts are aimed at raising funds, but, unfortunately, our family does not have such means.

We work a lot,but we cant raise this amount of money on our own. We contacted the local funds, but they refused. Addressed to entrepreneurs, to the deputies, in large organizations, but in response – silence. We really need your help. Therefore I ask all those who can: help our Arseny hear this world, to be healthy and happy baby! Have a happy childhood, but not childhood with tears and denials from his cotemporaries to play with him. I’ve met in my life a lot of understandable and helpful people, and I am confident that this time there will be people who can understand my feelings, experiences, and help our family.

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