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Sweating is the cost for the Green Energy.
Cycling for your health.
The Pedaling-Powered USB Charger for our Earth.
Generate by yourself ! Recommended for: Long distance cycling traveler, Bike commuter, Urban road warrior, Environmentalist, etc.


What is The Pedaling-Powered USB Charger ?

The Pedaling-Powered USB Charger is your bicycle electricity generator.
It is a front wheel dynamo hub, which is built-in the Smart Control Board with Patent Pending.
This uses the spinning motion of the front wheel to generate electricity.


With the attached Dual Port USB socket, you could charge all your electronic gadgets in the cockpit.


To generate with normal dynamo hub, you have to risk maintaining at high speed or wait for the long downhill road.
However, unlike most other purely mechanical dynamo hubs, the Pedaling-Powered USB Charger can generate from 5km/h owing to the design of programmable control board.

It is just like the speed you pull your bike.

Over voltage?
Don’t worry.

The electric output would be limited and fixed while speed up to 20km/h.

Please refer to the charging output graph.


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Personal Green Energy

Our vision is to ” generate ” your own clean energy with the cycling speed.

Or, store it in your power bank.

When you charge with the Pedaling-Powered USB Charger instead of from the wall, you are offsetting the carbon footprint of your devices using Green Energythat you generated.

Cycling for your health. The Pedaling-Powered USB Charger for our Earth.


Many check-ins and phone calls. No problem .

Get pedaling and charge your iPhone.


Tech Specs

  USB Charger ( Dynamo Hub )


Torque (battery fully charged)         Water Rating: IPX6

Dual Port USB Socket Dimension:60x40x6 mm.  Cable Length: 1 meter.

( Note: Socket dimension may be subject to change.)



26″ Front Wheel



The Pedaling-Powered USB Charger Development and the Team

We are a group of enthusiasts with a technical background.
Our specialty is the design and production of bicycle related gadgets.
The next generation of the USB Charger ( Smart Dynamo Hub) has already been in the pipeline.
LED Light is planned to be built-in in the hub.
Moreover, GPS module and other sensors as well would be considered in the future models.


Our Timeline

Our Timeline has been thoroughly planned and reviewed by the firms we are working with.
All we need is your support.

May,2015: The idea was born.

Sep,2016:  Producing the proof-of-concept prototype.

Jan,2017 :  Tests and final design.

Jun,2017 :  Finalized and order production toolings.

Jul, 2017 :  Launching Indiegogo campaign.

Preparing pre-production.

Sep,2017 : Manufacturing the first production run.

Nov,2017 : Assembling the first production run.

Dec,2017 : Delivering the early bird batch.

Risks and Challenges


The Pedaling-Powered USB Charger has come a long way from the initial idea two years ago.
We have developed and tested numerous prototypes, learnt many lessons and collaborated with some of the top designers and engineers in the country to bring the production-ready designs you see now.

We have partnered with some of the top names in the bicycles world- take The Pedaling-Powered USB Charger to the next level.

Our designs have been refined by an experienced Design for Manufacture agency, Liming.
With their help, we have engaged reliable manufacturers to ensure we can be down on the ground watching the
USB Charger emerge!

As with many new product launches, there may be unforeseen factors that result in a delay.

Through extensive testing and reiteration we have ruled out many unexpected events and we have been very conservative on our timeline.

It may be the case that we can deliver .
The Pedaling-Powered USB Charger even sooner, but there may also be a possibility of some delay.

We will do our utter best to deliver the highest quality product to you as soon as possible and communicate effectively and regularly about our progress along the way.

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