Business News Redesign Provides New Digital Front Door for the World’s Original “Pure Food Company”

2008-08-05 09:58:00 Redesign Provides New Digital Front Door for the World’s Original “Pure Food Company”

Heinz Web Site Highlights the Company’s

Global Reach and Commitments to Quality, Health & Wellness and

Sustainability, Ketchup Widget Allows Consumers to “Squeeze”

Messages to Friends

PITTSBURGH–(EMWNews)–The H. J. Heinz Company (NYSE: HNZ) today announced the launch of its

new global corporate Web site,

The redesigned Web site provides a global gateway for consumers,

shareholders and media to rediscover Heinz and its array of iconic,

global brands. Comprehensive new content along with advanced Web 2.0

technologies, improved search functionality and an intuitive site

structure enhance the user experience and make it easy to find valuable

information about the Company.

At any given moment Heinz products are

delighting consumers across the globe. Similarly, we want the new to be a resource that consumers, shareholders and prospective

employees will turn to regularly for information about our Company and

our brands as well as for tools and tips for leading a healthier

lifestyle, said William R. Johnson, Heinzs

Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer.

The content on is

segmented into four key areas: Health & Wellness, Our Foods, Our Company

and Sustainability.

Heinz Heritage of Health & Wellness

Since its early days as The Pure Food

Company, Heinz has produced nutritious

products that contribute to a healthy lifestyle. The Health & Wellness

section on includes:

  • Tips for achieving nutritionally balanced meals

  • Interactive videos and tools for healthy living, including a body mass

    index calculator

  • Nutritional highlights for many Heinz products

  • Information on Heinz foods that meet specific dietary needs, including

    gluten-free, low-sodium and kosher products

Discover the World of Heinz

People all over the world choose Heinz because our foods make mealtime

an uncommonly good experience. The Our Food section introduces visitors

to a sampling of the Heinz global pantry of iconic brands and products

that are sold in more than 200 countries. In the United States, Heinz is

as synonymous with Ketchup as Ore-Ida®

is with potatoes. In the United Kingdom, Beanz

Meanz Heinz. In New Zealand, one of every 10

grocery food dollars is spent on Watties®

products. In Canada, moms trust Heinz to provide them with a full range

of infant feeding products to accommodate their baby’s needs at every

stage; and in Indonesia, ABC®

is the leading brand of soy sauce.

Other Our Food section highlights include:

  • Recipes featuring Heinz foods from around the globe

  • Downloadable desktop backgrounds featuring favorite Heinz products

  • Global brand advertisements and videos

A Look around Our Company

The Our Company section features a rich overview of Heinz, its heritage,

career opportunities and investor relations tools. Features include:

  • An interactive timeline that takes visitors on a virtual adventure

    through Heinzs history

  • A sampling of Heinz career paths and a tool to search for open

    positions at Heinz

  • Employee video testimonials

  • Real-time Heinz stock updates and RSS feeds of financial news

Building a Sustainable Future

Sustainability is a key ingredient at Heinz. Visitors to the

Sustainability section of can learn about Heinzs

sustainability goals and initiatives, including the HeinzSeed program,

which promotes sustainable agriculture in developing nations, and the

Heinz Micronutrient Campaign, aimed at combating global vitamin and

mineral deficiencies.


Ketchup Widget

Visitors to can

download a Heinz®

Ketchup widget to squeeze

messages to their friends. Designed to post to a variety of social

networking sites, the Ketchup widget is a fun way for Heinz consumers to

interact with each other.

For additional information or to explore the site in its entirety,

please visit

sunKING Digital

Heinz partnered with sunKING Digital to develop and launch the new

Web site. Headquartered in Pittsburgh, sunKING is a digital marketing

agency that specializes in offline, online and viral marketing, digital

advertising campaigns, Web sites and traditional advertising. The

company produces all of its work in-house. Writers, designers, planners,

filmmakers, researchers, artists and developers are all on staff to

develop digital solutions for its clients. For more information, please



This press release and our other public pronouncements contain

forward-looking statements within the meaning of the “safe harbor”

provisions of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995.

Forward-looking statements are generally identified by the words “will,”

“expects,” “anticipates,” “believes,” “estimates” or similar expressions

and include our expectations as to future revenue growth, earnings,

capital expenditures and other spending, dividend policy, and planned

credit rating, as well as anticipated reductions in spending. These

forward-looking statements reflect management’s view of future events

and financial performance. These statements are subject to risks,

uncertainties, assumptions and other important factors, many of which

may be beyond Heinz’s control, and could cause actual results to differ

materially from those expressed or implied in these forward-looking

statements. Factors that could cause actual results to differ from such

statements include, but are not limited to:

  • sales, earnings, and volume growth,

  • general economic, political, and industry conditions, including those

    that could impact consumer spending,

  • competitive conditions, which affect, among other things, customer

    preferences and the pricing of products, production, and energy costs,

  • increases in the cost and restrictions on the availability of raw

    materials, including agricultural commodities and packaging materials,

    the ability to increase product prices in response, and the impact on


  • the ability to identify and anticipate and respond through innovation

    to consumer trends,

  • the need for product recalls,

  • the ability to maintain favorable supplier relationships,

  • currency valuations and interest rate fluctuations,

  • changes in credit ratings, leverage, and economic conditions and the

    impact of these factors on the cost of borrowing and access to capital


  • our ability to effectuate our strategy, which includes our continued

    evaluation of potential acquisition opportunities, including strategic

    acquisitions, joint ventures, divestitures and other initiatives,

    including our ability to identify, finance and complete these

    initiatives, and our ability to realize anticipated benefits from them,

  • the ability to successfully complete cost reduction programs and

    increase productivity,

  • the ability to effectively integrate acquired businesses, new product

    and packaging innovations,

  • product mix,

  • the effectiveness of advertising, marketing, and promotional programs,

  • supply chain efficiency,

  • cash flow initiatives,

  • risks inherent in litigation, including tax litigation,

  • the ability to further penetrate and grow in international markets,

    economic or political instability in those markets, particularly in

    Venezuela, and the performance of business in hyperinflationary


  • changes in estimates in critical accounting judgments and changes in

    laws and regulations, including tax laws,

  • the success of tax planning strategies,

  • the possibility of increased pension expense and contributions and

    other people-related costs,

  • the potential adverse impact of natural disasters, such as flooding

    and crop failures,

  • the ability to implement new information systems and potential

    disruptions due to failures in information technology systems,

  • with regard to dividends, dividends must be declared by the Board of

    Directors and will be subject to certain legal requirements being met

    at the time of declaration, as well as our Boards

    view of our anticipated cash needs, and

  • other factors described in “Risk Factors” and “Cautionary Statement

    Relevant to Forward-Looking Information” in the Company’s Form 10-K

    for the fiscal year ended April 30, 2008.

The forward-looking statements are and will be based on management’s

then current views and assumptions regarding future events and speak

only as of their dates. The Company undertakes no obligation to publicly

update or revise any forward-looking statements, whether as a result of

new information, future events or otherwise, except as required by the

securities laws.

About Heinz

H. J. Heinz Company, offering Good Food

Every Day is one of the worlds

leading marketers and producers of healthy and convenient foods

specializing in ketchup, sauces, meals, soups, snacks and infant

nutrition. Heinz provides superior quality, taste and nutrition for all

eating occasions whether in the home, restaurants, the office or on-the-go.

Heinz is a global family of leading branded products, including Heinz®

Ketchup, sauces, soups, beans, pasta and infant foods (representing over

one third of Heinzs total sales), Ore-Ida®

potato products, Weight Watchers® Smart Ones®

frozen entrees, Boston Market® meals, T.G.I.

Fridays® frozen

snacks, and Plasmon® infant nutrition. Heinz

is famous for its iconic brands on five continents, showcased by Heinz®

Ketchup, The Worlds Favorite Ketchup®.

More information on Heinz is available at

H. J. Heinz Company
Ted Smyth,

Michael Mullen, 412-456-5751
[email protected]

Nollen, 412-456-1048

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