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In the last few months we learned that Bella needs to have surgery because of the severity of her scoliosis. Her spine is twisting at a 70 degree curve. It is very hard on her, and she’s a trooper, the surgery is scheduled and set for early June.

We are almost to surgery day .. in the last week we’ve done all of the required testing and are getting everything ready for the big day.. Belle is hopeful and concerned ..this is a big deal .. I really want to keep her in a safe place here at home to recuperate …and I need your help to do that ..

This fundraiser has helped to support our family through several rough months.. It started after my husband Rusty’s appendix ruptured last year. Since then, we have struggled to get back on our feet. When I did our taxes, I was fully aware of how much we lost when Rusty got sick, and why it’s been so hard to get us caught back up. It worked out to around $10,000. When your base income is around $30K annually, it’s a hard hit to recover from.

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Our landlord just sent me a letter stating he could no longer work with us, and honestly I understand… we have been at least a partial month behind on our rent every month since November. He is demanding we get caught up now or move. We’ve been paying him everything we can, but I’ve not fully been able to catch our rent up. We usually have enough for our bills for one month with just our income, the being behind has made it very hard to get current, because there has been no extra anything.

Bella needs a home to recover in. I cannot find anything more affordable to fit our family’s needs, I downsized us into this house, last year.

We can’t lose this home.

Right now we are doing a push to raise;
$2400 for rent (May & June Rent)
$400 for powerbill (partial april and may bills)
$120 for water bill
$100 for groceries
$150 to get Rusty some new shoes, and blacks for work

We immediately need: $3170

During the process of these challenges we lost our car.. and that is a real problem.

We also need to raise money to get us a car because she can’t walk to the bus to go to appointments, and getting a car in nevada comes with it’s own set of challenges. We have to license and insure it, for more than one month.. the fines for losing insurance here are hardcore, that’s why we lost our car, we could not keep it insured and our registration was suspended, to get it back on that car with the fines it by itself was close to $2000, and not reasonable. Starting with a new (used) car will make some of that go away.

I’d like to set that budget around $5000, Using $3-4000 toward car itself, and the remainder for licensing and insurance.

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I need your help to move forward through this, I hate having to ask for help because I work very hard, both at marketing and the support I do with the causes I work for, and have lots of art I’m sitting on that could be helping me pay all of this .. and I get it, Art is something many people “feel” isn’t worthy of support, because they “like to see it for free” ..

What I can say is it is hard work and it’s honerable work, and it’s work worthy of being paid for .. I’m setting up a patreon you can buy art from if you want to support us that way… Otherwise, thank you for your donation .. We truly value your support.

Update: Hey everybody .. I thought when Rusty went back to work at the first of January we could stand on our own for a minute, so I stopped promoting this fundraiser.

Then he had one gig, at first of January, that lasted about a week, and no work for the next several weeks.


We are in serious danger of losing our home and really need your help to come through this. We need to raise $200 by Tuesday Feb 14, to avoid a 3 day, pay or quit and then the balance of rent owed @ $2200 before the end of Feb. I ask that you give what you can.

I had really hoped we were solid ..but when work doesn’t call or they do, then gigs are cancelled…I’m left with no options. Our budget hasn’t changed and is listed below, as to where this money is going.

Hi Everyone. I’m Amy Stewart Hale. my husband is Rusty Hale, and we have a 12y old daughter at home named Bella.

On October 13th I had to rush Rusty into the hospital, he was doubled over in pain.

When we got to the hospital we found out his appendix had ruptured and needed to come out.  Here is Rusty’s response to the doctor’s news about the work he would be missing:

Fast forward to Oct 25th, Rusty’s had complications. Apparenty they missed part of the abscess with the first surgery and we’ve been back to the hospital twice because he has not actually been able to eat anything since the surgery. Today, October 25th, they put a drain in to take care of the abscess, which he willl need at least a week. When we started this ordeal they said he may be out of work 4 to 6 weeks.  It’s been almost two weeks and he’s still not eating and is required to have a drain, that is adding time to the healing he needs before getting back to work.

We were counting on that work because we were already behind.. It was intended to get us fully caught up, and would have, We owe our landlord for october and  November is only a few days away. Plus all of our other bills are due. Our landlord has been patient but he sent an email today letting me know he can’t be patient much longer. Rusty needs our home to heal. Bella our 12y old daughter needs our home. We are in real danger of losing our home.

I’m coming to you because I need some help.

I need to raise at least 3 months rent @
$1150 per month –>                                                         $3450

Our power bills are averaging $250/mo–>              $750
Water/Sewage is averaging $125/mo–>                   $450
Trash is $50/mo                                                                       $150
We took out a loan on our car and we are
behind there too, to get caught up and through
healing we need at least $1500 for that                  $1500

Registration and insurance are both due                 $1500

The bills are starting to come in from the
hospital, I can only imagine how much this
is. We need a little help there.                                       $2000

The last $1700 is for food/misc                                    $1700
Total                                                                                        $10,000

As always, I do have art for sale and can take commissions. If you are interested in helping that way, please contact me and we will make that happen. If you only want to help by donating we really appreciate your support.

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