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Help Chris Get Her Life Back GoFundME ViralExposure Booster Campaign

I am raising money for my best friend Chris who has  had a financially devastating chain of events happen to her and her business Pacific Star Sport Fishing which culminated in her losing the business completely.

Chris and her daughter will benefit from this campaign.

The funds will help pay off outstanding debt and allow Chris to move forward, work, start a new business, get a new place to live, build back her life and help her daughter to continue college. Chris is a hard working, giving person who is active and gives her time and money to children’s charities including the GAIT program at The Green Acres Ranch in Temecula, California.

Chris is still thankful and grateful for what she has and will back up in no time with your kind help.

What the funds will be used for:

She still has an outstanding loan on boat
Credit card bills
Legal Fees
Tuition payments
Personal loan
Home Rental up front cost
Moving/storage costs
Living expenses(including food)
Car payment
Health insurance

We need the funds as soon as possible to help get all Chris’s bills and needs caught up.

This support will mean that we as a community can help a hard working, giving person get on her feet and start her life again at 57 years old.

I will be so very grateful for any support that anyone can afford to give to help get my friend back on her feet.

Chris had worked for over 25 years and took a sport fishing business Pacific Star Sport Fishing that was just getting by and turned it in the an overwhelming success for her family. A great lucrative business,  that was a favorite boat to fish off of in southern California. They were booked with charters from March to November every year with only a few open dates for  open party trips . Her husband/captain of the boat was caught fishing in restricted waters off the coast of Southern California by undercover Depart of Fish And Wildlife Officers posing as fishermen on one of Pacific Stars open party trips.
Chris had no idea that this was going on because she runs the business end out of her office in Temecula California

He was prosecuted in 2 courts ,Long Beach and Santa Barbara and plead guilty  to a total of 6 misdemeanors, was fined which Chris had to pay in the thousands of dollars. He was suspended from fishing for 3 months and got 3 years probation. The judges both said they were not willing to take away his lively hood based on misdemeanor charges. The business and and Chris’s husband went back to business, Chris running the business and her husband running the boat as captain.

4 years later Fish & Wildlife Of California came back and took Chris to court trying to have the boat fishing license taken from her, she went to court and the Judge ruled in her favor stating “they have already been punished” and that the amount of time before the violations 25 years and the amount of time after the violations almost 4.5 years, with no further infractions showed that they had changed their program for the better.

Fish and Wildlife, who in California does not have to except any of the previous Judges findings, and suspended Pacific Stars Sport Fishing license for 5 years. They went after Chris because she was the sole member and Chief executive officer of the company Pacific Star Sport Fishing Inc.

They decided since the could not get her husband off the water fishing they would go after his wife who sat at a desk 200 miles away.

This was the end of 25 years hard work and their sole support, Chris had to sell the boat at a loss and now has to sell her home.

Chris needs help to get back on her feet. Any contribution will add up to help Chris.


The Back Story
Chris owned and operated The Pacific Star, which was a Sport Fishing boat and the business a Commercial fishing boat and  Pacific Star Sport Fishing Inc.  out of her office in Temecula California, which ran chartered and open party fishing trips from  San Diego and LA.

Chris was in charge of the day to day business of marketing, booking trips, taking reservations, going to Fishing trade shows, book keeping, scheduling, and everything that had to do with actual running of the business.

It was a successful, lucrative  full time living that Chris had built from scratch, and their sole means of support for the last 25 years.

Chris’s husband and the captain of the boat was physically in charge of the operation of the boat, charting out fishing trips between southern California and Mexico deciding where and when the boat would go for the best fishing experience. Basically every aspect of running the boat and taking care of clients/fisherman.

In 2013 he and his crew was caught fishing in protected waters by 2 undercover Fish and Wildlife Commission of California  officers, posing as passengers, he was fishing in protected waters.

Protected waters are designated areas in the ocean where protected marine wildlife are able to multiply. So no fishing is allowed.
These areas known to all fishing captains and are posted coordinates.
The captains job is to know where these areas are and is not allowed to fish them under penalty of law.  Chris could not have known or prevented this because she worked out of the land office not on the boat.

Her husband/captain was taken to court twice and plead guilty to a total of 6 misdemeanor counts. The corporation/Chris was  fined thousands of dollars was suspended from fishing for 3 months and put on 3 years probation on top of the thousands of dollars in attorney fees.

His captains license was not taken from him, so he was free to fish and run the boat after completing his sentence of suspension.

Immediately after Chris had found out that her husband had been charged, she  fired crew, hired a new crew, implemented new policies, rules and procedures, bought new GPS and navigation equipment to make sure these things never happened again. She also went to the boat weekly to make sure everything was running properly. And kept close watch on each fishing trip and where they going to keep the captain and crew aware to check and avoid restricted areas

In 2017,  4 years after everything was settled in court and the business went on successfully, The California Department of Fish and Wildlife decided that the original punishment was not enough, and decided since they could not take the fishing license away, because her husband did not own the fishing license, they would file against Chris since she was the sole member of the corporation Pacific Star Sport Fishing Inc. and the corporation held the license.

The DFW took Chris to Los Angeles County  Superior Court in front of an Administrative Judge who ruled in her favor he stated that since there had been no other infractions since 2013 and nothing prior to 2013 for 25 years, and said Chris and her business had been punished enough.

In the state of California there is a commission of laymen appointed by the governor, The Fish And Wild Life Commission, this commission does not have to follow any court decision.  They can do what they want, and they did.

In February of 2018 The Fish and Wildlife Commission of California suspended Pacific Star Sport Fishing’s Inc. Chris’s business for 5 years.

By this time the captains name, the boat Pacific Star and the Pacific Star Sport Fishing business along with Chris’s great reputation in the industry was ruined.

Embellished press releases were put out immediatelyby Fish And Wildlife  boasting about taking Pacific Star Sport Fishing’s Fishing license away. Other fishing publications jumped on the band wagon and did negative articles about Chris and her business. There was no coming back from this.

It was a death sentence for Chris’s business and everything she worked for for 25 years,  the loss of her income, her parents inheritance that was left to her,  her retirement money that was the equity in the boat that they had be paying on for almost 25 years, and her daughters future too.

This was over reach by the State of California and the Fish And Wildlife Commission that was unnecessary. They  targeted an individual to make  an example of them to please the special interest conservation groups.

These were misdemeanor crimes. They paid the fines, took the suspension and probation. Paid their dues and changed the way they ran the boat and business so it would never happen again.

Chris and her business was essentially tried 3 times for these 6 counts. And when the verdict did not go their way they wanted the commission took Chris’s business away for 5 years anyway. How many of us could survive without any income for 5 years?

I tried to take over the business under my corporation name NC Global Inc. and have the license transferred to me, but Fish And Wildlife would not allow that unless I bought the boat outright. I did not have the funds to do that.

She had to sell the boat, business and client list, that took 20 years to establish at a huge financial loss in 2018.

Chris’s inheritance from her parents was used originally to buy the boat which is now lost. She is having to sell her home of 15 years  to avoid foreclosure and she needs to get divorced.

Her husband has not worked since Chris received the 5 year suspension.

Chris can not afford a divorce attorney at this time.

Her husband still has his Captains license which was not taken from him, so he can still work in his profession.

Chris has lost everything PERIOD.

Chris helps me with my production and holiday decor businesses and I am helping financially with the necessities as much as I can.

Thanks you for reading this lengthy story. I wanted to make sure that you knew enough of the story to understand that it has devastated my friend in every way possible and why any donation you can afford will be greatly appreciated and put to good use to help Chris get back on her feet.

Nick Christos



For more info: http://https://www.gofundme.com/help-christine-get-her-business-back

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