Help Hay Day Ranch Heal The Hurting Hearts of Children and Teens Suffering from Challenges of Anxiety, Abuse, Divorce and other Teen Challenges Using Equine Therapy…Hay Day Ranch where #HorsesHealingHearts takes place everyday! FREE GoFundME IndieGoGo KickStarter JustGiving Booster

Hay Day Ranch located in Maidens, VA., just West of Richmond, Virginia is a Sanctuary of #Healing where #Rescue Horses are used with #Amazing Trained Volunteers and Children and Teens and Families are Healed Thru Equine Therapy in a Serene, Peaceful Setting. Sue Hingst, a full-time public school Teacher by Day, spends the vast majority of her “spare” time leading and managing her non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that is instrumental in healing the Hearts and Minds of many children and Teens in the Greater Richmond, Virginia area. Sue seeks to keep the Equine Therapy at zero to a minimal fee to kids, teens and families in need of her healing services.

Often, when funds to pay for the upkeep of the property, to pay for feeding and care of the (currently 3 rescue horses there) run short, Sue reaches into her own personal teachers salary account and personally makes up the difference and with the help of Amazing, unpaid Volunteers and small businesses and supporters help to make up the difference as well. Fundraisers have been held. This campaign is about purchasing a good used tractor to mow the pastures where the horses graze, to pay for feed, hay, bedding materials and supplies for the horses, fees for veterinary care for the three loving horses that are used to provide the Healing for those lucky enough to have discovered Hay Day Ranch. Additionally, other volunteers,such as myself contact foundations, local businesses and others to raise funds for this Most Worthy Cause, where True, Life-Changing Equine Therapy is used to Restore the trust that is lost in others and in themselves when children are abused, neglected, suffer from bullying, suffer from the effects of divorce or separation of their parents and other childhood and teen life challenges.
Please look into your heart ❤ and soul and consider making a very big difference in the life of a child with a donation to Hay Day Ranch!
Please visit: for more info about how to help and read #testimonials from kids who have experienced the Healing @HayDayRanch! Thank you very much !!!❤

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