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Rebecca is 35 and a mother of 3 kids ages 6, 13 and 16. She was diagnosed with Stage 3C Rectal Cancer in Sept. 2014 and went through chemo, radiation, surgery and then more chemo to help get rid of the cancer. She had an Ileostomy bag after surgery and struggles with IBS since then. As she recovered they removed the Ileostomy bag and things slowly started to get as normal as they could.

In Sept. 2016 she started having indications that things were turning in the wrong direction as the tumor markers were rising, she was having more and more pain issues and trouble walking due to her left foot being swollen and becoming numb. Over several months her weight starting dropping, the pain in her leg and foot increased as did the weakness. Her doctors did all the normal tests, CT Scan and MRI but nothing seemed to show up that they were concerned with. As things got worse she decided to change doctors who ordered a CT Scan and sent her to a Neurologist. She had to start walking with a cane as she no longer had any feeling or much strength in her foot and leg. Eventually she was fitted for a brace which helps some with her balance due to having Drop Foot with no plantar muscle interaction.

We requested they look into her pelvis area and they did a MRI which showed changes to her sacrum and pelvis. A month later due to some concerns from tests they did another CT Scan which showed and enlarged peritoneal lynph node. The radiologist couldn’t rule out metastatic, so they did a PET Scan which showed abnormalities in her pelvis and small spot in her hip bone, which lead to a bone biopsy of her sacrum.

The results confirmed the cancer is back and she now has Stage 4 Locally Recurrent Rectal Cancer with no possible surgery options.

Her surgeon sent us to Mayo Clinic who had her do blood work, CT Scan, PET Scan and a MRI all in one day. Then we spoke to Medical Oncology, Colorectal Surgery and Radiation Oncology. The confirmed the cancer was in the S1-S2 of her sacrum as well as spreading into the hip bone and no viable surgery option to remove it, so she is stuck with cancer for the rest of her life. The doctors put her on chemo treatments and want us to come back to Mayo for a special kind of radiation after her chemo is done. The goal is to use chemo and radiation to shrink the tumor and then a lifelong battle of controlling and containing it.

Due to all the issues she is now faced with she is unable to work causing us to fall behind in bills such as rent, utilities and car payments as well as get her things she needs like special medical supplies, medications, supplements and other stuff to help her fight the cancer and stop it from spreading. Then there is the cost of gas and lodging for a 5 day trip back Mayo Clinic for her radiation treatment in January or February of 2018.
That is only if the insurance will cover it as we are not 100% sure at this time. If not it would be devastating to us as she must have that to have a fighting chance to extend her life.

Rebecca is surrounded by family and friends who are very supportive of her and I am here taking care of her 24/7.

Please consider donating even the smallest amount so that we may ensure she has the things needed to fight her ongoing battle with cancer and extend her life for as long as possible. Thank you.

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