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Hi everyone,
This is my rescue pup named Sly. A 6 year old yorkie of whom I fostered and then adopted. Once we arrived home, we took a trail run where he collapsed from a seizure and I rushed down the mountain and into the ER. We were then told he had a collapsed trachea (possibly from the abuse he unfortunately suffered from his previous owners’ parents prior to being surrendered) and that he had to be rushed into emergency surgery.
The vets took x-rays and showed us his trachea collapse and related it to him breathing through a coffee straw. In the following three surgeries, he had trachea rings placed that held his throat open enough to be able to help him breathe normally again.

Due to the severity of the collapse, it lead to three immediate surgeries back to back which was hard for him to recover from. We took many amazing adventures and had a blast until the condition seemed to take a turn for the worse earlier this year. Because of his gurgling sounds when he breathes, his inability to walk far, play – even just a little bit, or even breathe without gagging or coughing, I took him back into the ER.
His specialists have just now found another area of collapse as well as lung and heart swelling for an unknown reason a week ago. After doing some serious searching due to the major costs again, we luckily found a place in Idaho who offered to do the surgery for half the cost of his other surgeons.
We will be traveling to Idaho the end of this month to get the procedure done by a specialist and he will then be on a tough road to recover. But we’re not giving up!

Sly is just 1 of 11 little rescues I have been able to save from abuse, being put down, or being left to die. I have been able to successfully take care of each and every one of them for years now and love them all as my own babies. Every month, their costs are around $300-$400, of which is just fine and feels amazing having known where they came from. The problem is, last year, Sly’s vet and surgery bills totaled $14,450. The new bills this year will be over $6,500 to $8,000.
To be honest, we don’t expect anything but love and support and will be absolutely thrilled and thankful for any help (even if it’s jut sharing the story) we may receive along the way.

Thank you in advanced. We will continue to spend a lifetime paying it forward once we can get past these surgeries. I assure you of that.

PLEASE SHARE THIS STORY TO HELP SPREAD THE WORD and I will post updates as well. And as always, thank you VERY much to those who have already donated! You mean the world.