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Help this HERO GoFundME Viral Campaign

Jack served over 29 years in the US Marines and US Army. He is a combat veteran that has given so much to this nation.
Last year, while on his final deployment, his wife began an affair. Shortly after Jack’s return his now estranged wife absconded with all the money and property, had him banned from the house he bought and had to continue paying for and falsely accused him of numerous crimes including rape, assault and burglary.

Unbeknownst to his wife and her boyfriend, Jack was out of town during the false allegations. Had he been home, in his apartment alone without an alibi as they assumed, he’d likely be in prison the rest of his life.

Despite his innocence, his legal costs are extraordinary and because his wife took all of his savings,and possessions and this hero is struggling to meet his financial obligations while still raising and providing for his two sons.

Let’s give back to this man. Small contributions are greatly appreciated.

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