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CORAOPOLIS, PA – Help us to purchase and save a historical restaurant while helping struggling musicians, artists and performers share their talents and become discovered. We will also help bring jobs and businesses back to a “rust belt” town in decline.

My name is John Wilson and I am a U.S. Army Veteran. My partner, Kinou, and I both moved here a year and a half ago from New York City to help 2 sick relatives suffering from cancer and due to my own struggle with cancer, we drained our resources in the process.

My partner and I are currently looking to take over and save a Coraopolis, Pennsylvania Italian Restaurant that has been an icon in Allegheny County since the 1940’s. We are looking to change it to an Organic, Caribbean and European, Fusion Restaurant. It would be renamed “EuroCaribbean Restaurant”. Through our marketing for the restaurant and our work with the community, we would use our restaurant’s presence to help bring many jobs and other businesses to the area.

Our restaurant guests would also be a reliable avenue for up-and-coming artists, performers and singers. Artists would be able to display their artwork on our walls and people would be able to purchase this art while it is adding to our restaurant’s atmosphere. Up-and-coming singers and dancers would also find our guests a perfect audience for them to show off their talents by performing live. Your pledge would make all of this possible.

Coraopolis is a borough in Allegheny County. Although there are over 2,000,000 residents in the metro area, Coraopolis has consistently lost 3-10% of its population every decade for the past 5 decades. Young adults are leaving at an even higher rate. Within 5 miles, there are about 10 different townships, 3 different boroughs and the next county is less than 5 miles away. Many of the surrounding townships have a per capita income of $50,000 or more. There would definitely be a lot of possibilities for our restaurant to attract a multitude of people to this area daily. We would like to bring a new cuisine, a new restaurant style and theme to this region.

While visiting EuroCaribbean Restaurant, you would be surrounded by an unwinding atmosphere, sexy live music, eye-catching Caribbean colors, artwork full of creative imagination and Caribbean “dinner set” beats. EuroCaribbean Restaurant would be an organic restaurant with casual dining.

The food would be enticing & healthy (Santé) and would make you want to return regularly just to taste another bite.

We’ve tried our cuisine in various catering events that my partner and I did here in Western Pennsylvania. They were all very successful. Some people even ask for a third helping. Our cuisine is very beloved.


This historic Italian eatery in Coraopolis is over 70 years old and was owned & operated by a single family during that time. It was started by an Italian grandmother before World War 2, passed on to her daughter and now it is ran and being sold by the 3rd generation.

This restaurant’s charming atmosphere is like something fresh out of the 1940’s. Even the pre-World War 2 silverware is 100% authentic. The McNicol Chinaware is also from that era. The original crystal light fixtures and the wind blown fluorescent glass signs help add to the building’s ambiance and charm. We would keep all of these prewar items and we’d decorate and add our new theme around them.
Please stop this historic icon from becoming a doctor’s office.   https://gogetfunding.com/eurocaribbean/

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