Henry Oliver Ford Gains Funding

2008-08-07 02:00:00

Henry Oliver Ford Gains Funding

See how the professionals still get the job done.

New Orleans (EMWNews) August 7, 2008 — The core team of Henry Oliver Ford was once again successful in the funding of another project. The project targets the New Orleans Project damaged by Hurricane Katrina. The project features “big box” commercial and “state of the art” residential homes that are fuel efficient and environmentally friendly. The entire project will cost around $1.3 billion and will help to revitalize the infrastructure of New Orleans.

The team of The Ford Family Offices worked with Vietnamese Investor Duy Nguyen to create a finance structure that allows perpetual development funds from a corporate bond structure. The structure utilizes the latest in bond market resources, a new technique for funding since the market suffers from a lack of liquidity utilizes Series 144A bonds that are backed by “Class A” collateral. The collateral may be oil futures, gold, life settlement policies that are held on deposit, or numerous other resources.

Ford said, “The market is still moving for people that are in the know,” in reference to many developers, and lenders that are not abreast of the current market changes.

Many developers are “dated in their understanding of finance,” said Ford. Ford along with other have taken their project funding resources Global and are using many private groups that are not so affected by the market down turn. Mr. Ford has been successful in sustaining viable finance structures that aid in humanitarian efforts worldwide as well as domestically. There are a lot of investors that find value in hybrid forms of finance and the demand for such services fetches a pretty penny. Mr. Ford’s organization is one of the few that is fee based.

Often sophisticated project funders charge a minimum of $1 million USD to engage project owners. He and his staff often look at the end goal and the intent of the project and often use that as a guideline for fee assessment.

“After speaking with several of Mr. Ford’s employees, I have reached the conclusion that there just may be some good people still left in the world,” said Shelly B. Mitchell, CRHO Group.

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