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HIDE the series The best Sci-Fi web series bringing back Social Justice themes!

“HIDE” Will be a web series written, produced and directed by Jennifer Nash ( me !) . After acting for over 25 years in TV series like Star Trek Next Gen , Full House, Coach, Home Improvement, Sliders, and a bunch more – I’ve decided it’s my turn to tell a story.

“Hide” is a web series that is my absolute passion project. It’s a sci-fi series that lends itself to social justice messages as all of the amazing Star Trek series have always done. But it’s nothing like Star Trek. The first 10 minute episode was filmed in the Pittsburgh area and cost $2,500 to get “in the can”. Now, I hope to raise enough money to finish editing episode 1 and continue on with the next  7 episodes.

If you contribute funding to this project, you may be part of something very big – and certainly something very cool. I’m creating a NON PROFIT production company to produce this series that will be the first of it’s kind in the United States of America. And I think it’s about time. The FIRST production company ( that I’ve been able to find anyway ) that will offer EQUAL PAY FOR EQUAL WORK across the board in the U.S. Including actors. Including everyone.  Anyone who knows the entertainment industry knows that women tend to make much less than men across the board. If one looks at  actors’ salaries, the contrast is staggering.

The 2 other Golden Rule tenants this production company will hold itself to are  :

No sexual or emotional harassment of anyone. EVER. NO toxic work environment.

Environmental responsibility INSISTED on by all at our Non Profit and all vendors.

Help us make a kick ass web series that you will LOVE and help us change the world for the better by doing so. I’m tired of words and broken promises. I want to DO, BUILD, CREATE, CHANGE.

Contributors of $100 or more will receive some sweet “Hide” swag.

Contributors of $1000 or more get some sweet swag and an Associate Producer Credit .

Contributors of $5,000 or more will receive some sweet swag, Associate Producer credit and a “billboard” at the end of an episode.

Contributors of of $10,000 or  more will get all of the above and an Executive Producer Credit – which comes with a stake in the game and a walk on part written JUST for THEM (or your daughter or nephew – anyone you choose to give it to!)

Contributors at ANY level will receive my undying gratitude and personal thanks!

I know making any kind of content like this sounds risky, but I’ve been plugging away and learning from the best for an awful long time.  Eight 10 minute episodes at $5,000 a piece is entirely doable with all the passionate actors and film makers I’ve met in the Pittsburgh area who are more than willing to work for low or no pay – that brings us to $40,000.  But since I HAVE been learning from the best – I’m asking for $50,000 to cover all that can and will go wrong plus MARKETING money!

My intention is to sell this series to one of the BIG ones after we have our total proof of concept and a built in audience! Come in at the beginning and share the ride. It’s going to exciting!

If you can’t spare any cash right now, please help us by sharing the word, high and low! Social media, old fashioned talking, smoke signals, share the You Tube trailer !!!!

If you’re in Pittsburgh or close – reach out to me during Hiatus of MINDHUNTER and volunteer to make breakfast on the set, or hold a boom – any and all help is appreciated and welcome SOOO SOOO much!!! If you want to audition for the series or help in other ways, find HONORABLE PRODUCTIONS on FaceBook and message us!



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