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How People Like US Get Really Smart

2008-07-17 10:58:00

    MIAMI, July 16 /EMWNews/ -- In one word - CHECKLISTS.

    Think that sounds trivial? Well, the World Health Organization (WHO)

has recently endorsed the concept of a "WHO Surgical Safety Checklist". WHO

believes the checklist will act "as a tool for surgical teams worldwide to

improve patient safety."

    Checklist training, and therefore mentality, is mandatory for pilots.

How else could they be certain of avoiding silly mistakes?

    Another checklist advocate is Charlie Munger. And, according to Warren

Buffett -- "Charlie has the best 30-second mind in the world. He goes from

A to Z in one move. He sees the essence of everything before you even

finish the sentence." (Forbes, January 22, 1996)

    Here's how Mr. Munger's checklist method can help US get smarter.

    Essentially, he has grabbed the BIG IDEAS from business, human

behavior, economics and finance. When facing an issue, he has a checklist

of these ideas (mental models) in his mind and quickly picks the one(s)

applicable to the given situation, much as the pilot automatically goes

through a checklist prior to take-off.

    Dean Isaji has, after several years of research, developed a website -- -- inspired by Mr. Munger's work. To date, he has

compiled a list of over 100 mental models (checklists).

    A former MBA, he states, "During an average day, we receive many

stimuli from our environment -- new information, a question, a problem, a

sales pitch -- and we respond. Using the checklist concept enables a

better, smarter response."

    He continues, "For example, in buying a house, or a car, you'd want to

consider the 'PrOACT decision' and 'negotiation' models. Or, if you were

facing a process issue at work, you could immediately think of the 'K-T

why' model. When reviewing your own work, you might go to the 'confirmation

bias' model. The possibilities to think better are endless."

    Who can benefit?

    He adds, "Students, knowledge workers and investors will find it most

useful. Actually, each mental model idea is fairly simple. And it's a lot

of fun once you get started."

    So, the secret's out about how people like US get really smart. What

are you waiting for?

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