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Hudson Institute Economist Irwin Stelzer Makes Dire Predictions About U.S. Energy Independence

2008-08-13 10:55:00

    WASHINGTON, Aug. 13 /EMWNews/ -- Hudson Institute has

published a new paper on energy policy entitled, "Energy Policy: Abandon

Hope All Ye Who Enter Here." In this readable monograph, economist Irwin

Stelzer, Director of Hudson's Center for Economic Policy Studies,

demonstrates that for the foreseeable future, the United States will be

dependent for transportation purposes on imported oil from unfriendly

nations--whether or not we decide to drill at home. For both transportation

and other energy needs, neither nuclear nor alternative fuels can be

developed quickly enough--even if politics and environmental concerns were

not an issue.

    Coal is our best non-oil source of energy in the near term, and with

market-based incentives technological advances can make this abundant

energy source even more promising.

    Stelzer argues in favor of a market-based approach to energy policy

that incorporates measures to include in the price the cost of such

"externalities" as the effects of pollution and the need to defend our

oil-supply sources.

    Please visit to download a copy.

    Hudson Institute is a non-partisan policy research organization

dedicated to innovative research and analysis that promotes global

security, prosperity, and freedom.

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