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I am currently on disability and also a Webster University student (since 2014), pursuing a degree that will be able to sustain the costs of home damages/repairs. There have been 2 children born and raised in this home as well since 2013. Although, I will be more financially stable in the near future, I’m unsure how well I will be able to just maintain the main structure of the home and keep our family safe. I am including a list of repairs that will affect the future in tumultuous ways if not tended to immediately. We thank anyone and everyone in advance for any type of services rendered!!

The shingles on the roof in the front of the 17-year-old home. Every time it rains, it leaks into the living room, into 2 bedrooms and also into the basement. Repairs have been made with the budget allowed, but they don’t hold long. There are also electrical shorts due to the roof leak. There is possibly dangerous black mold and the carpet is in need of replacement.

The handicapped ramp in the rear of the house in in disrepair due to weather damage, which is a hinderance to my leaving the home. There are also other repairs all over the home that need done. We are not just looking for money but resources so our family isn’t condemned from our only home.

Again, we thank you in advance for any help/services that are offered. Please feel free to contact me via GoFundMe/Facebook.


Lenard Blanks, Nikki Wattle and family