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In Today’s Tight Economy, the Smartest Consumers Rely on for Business Needs

2008-08-14 02:00:00

It’s a one of a kind, online wireless shopping web portal that delivers big on efficiency, value and customer service.

Wireless by eAccess has one goal

Chicago, IL (EMWNews) August 14, 2008 — It’s no secret that the smartest consumers are now turning to for all of their wireless technology needs. The reason why is simple. No other reseller offers total connectivity services where you can buy a wireless device, choose a carrier, a data package, order tech training, and get device accessories all in one simple place…online. That’s right, one place, and it’s found on the Internet.

In today’s marketplace,, operated by eAccess Solutions, Inc., is unique in its concept and model, and is the only company that offers 12 months of technical support for any of the products bought from its’ site.

“Our customers are buying through the site because they recognize that eAccess knows wireless data inside and out,” explains eAccess Solutions C.E.O, David E. Bean. “They get a great price on the device, but they recognize that just the device price is not the full cost of ownership. Call carriers, waiting on hold, going through constant escalations are what customers are complaining about when they buy their devices through a carrier or retail store. On WBE, they have access to our call center which is tied into 4 tier 1 USA carrier systems to get things done for customers without the hassle.” provides consumers with one stop wireless shopping that equals a lot of value for your money. Consumers can review different wireless devices options — ranging from BlackBerry to Palm Treo and several mobile devices, decide which carrier to use, select a data package, and buy wireless device accessories for a BlackBerry or Palm Treo. One can even order wireless technical training and if you have a question – pick up the phone and get a person on the line that is professional, knowledgeable and there to serve your needs.

Wireless By eAccess prides itself on exceptional customer service and fair pricing. The company’s C.E.O David Bean says that in today’s market, consumers need to be cautious about deals that seem to be good to be true because they usually are. “Our pricing is very fair on the site. Some buyers of cell phones and wireless data devices need to be wary of suspicious long-term rebates and other offers that sound too good to be true. The FTC has been cracking down on those companies and fining them. Many have gone into bankruptcy. WBE builds upon eAccess’s 7 year long history of providing the customer with a very good price and extraordinary service. Each wireless device comes with an included silver support agreement ($120 value) for one year of eAccess call center support. This support saves the customer many hours of hold time with their carrier and gets them to someone who knows the answer right away,” stated Bean.

The silver support customer service agreement covers carrier issues and device issues such as carrier plan moves, adds, change of responsibility, account changes, suspensions, warranty executions, deletions, device how to issues.

Wireless by eAccess is the first non-manufacturer web portal that offers both businesses and consumers the convenience of online shopping with the a personalized Customer Support group that is a throw back to the days of live, knowledgeable individuals answering the phone, responding to your needs and helping you resolve any questions or issues – without having to select a language, press eight different phone keys and listen to 9 programmed messages before getting an actual person on the line.

“Wireless by eAccess has one goal,” Bean states. “It is to exceed your expectations with top-notch customer service driven by our hands-on experience with the products we sell. Browse our new one-stop shopping store at and discover what the smartest consumers are already finding out about us.”

Information accessibility may be revolutionizing corporate America, but it is a breath of fresh air to find a company that still believes in the personal touch. is a global provider of mobile data products, software and consulting services, Headquartered in Chicago, IL., eAccess has over 200,000 customers accounts worldwide and proudly serves over 65% of the US Fortune 100, major branches of the US Government, US Military, Educational Institutions, Small Businesses and individual consumers everywhere.

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