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Intellitactics Sponsors SANS Webcast on Preventing Data Loss

2008-08-21 02:00:00

“Use it or Lose it!” features SANS’ Dave Shackleford and Intellitactics’ Sunil Bhargava as they reveal how event monitoring, correlation and other tools form the foundation of a successful data protection strategy

Reston, VA (EMWNews) August 21, 2008 — Intellitactics announced that Sunil Bhargava, Chief Technology Officer with Intellitactics, will participate in an upcoming SANS Ask the Expert Webcast with Dave Shackleford, entitled: “Use it or Lose it! How Event Monitoring and Correlation Tools Can Help Prevent Sensitive Data Loss.” Shackleford, a SANS course and exam author and Director of Configuresoft’s Center for Policy and Compliance, discusses tools that are proving effective in preventing data loss. Bhargava illustrates how effective implementation of security event management automates monitoring of controls put in place to reduce the risks associated with insider threat and data loss.


SANS Ask the Expert Webcast Entitled “Use it or Lose it! How Event Monitoring and Correlation Tools Can Help Prevent Sensitive Data Loss”

The major focus of many information security teams today is preventing sensitive data leakage or loss, and for good reason. With a dramatic increase in high-profile incidents involving the loss of sensitive data, security teams are tasked with choosing technologies and developing policies and procedures that will protect their organizations’ sensitive data.

The market has been flooded with tools that claim to solve the problem, but are more expensive point solutions really the cure? In this webcast, you will learn about a number of controls that can be implemented with event monitoring and correlation tools that can form the foundation of a successful data protection strategy.


Tuesday, August 26, 2008

1:00 PM EST (1800 UTC/GMT)



Sunil Bhargava, Chief Technology Officer, Intellitactics

Dave Shackleford, Director of Policy & Compliance, Configuresoft & SANS exam author

About Sunil Bhargava

Sunil Bhargava, Chief Technology Officer at Intellitactics, brings more than 20 years of industry experience in enterprise technology, security best practices, and product and business management to Intellitactics. Extensive experience gained from consulting to leading-edge organizations in the US, Asia, and Europe solidified his focus on assisting Fortune 500 companies and major government agencies to identify trends and requirements for leveraging information security best practices, technology, and processes to manage enterprise risk. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Engineering and a Master of Science degree in Software and Systems from George Washington University.

About Dave Shackleford

Dave Shackleford, Director of Configuresoft’s Center for Policy and Compliance, is a course and exam author for the SANS Institute, where he also serves as a GIAC Technical Director. He is the co-author of Hands-On Information Security from Course Technology, as well as the “Managing Incident Response” chapter in the Course Technology book: Readings and Cases in the Management of Information Security. Previously, he worked as CTO for the Center for Internet Security, as well as for a security consulting firm in Atlanta. He has also worked as a security architect, analyst, and manager for several Fortune 500 companies. He has consulted with hundreds of organizations in the areas of regulatory compliance, security, and network architecture and engineering. His specialties include incident handling and response, intrusion detection and traffic analysis, and vulnerability assessment and penetration testing.

About Intellitactics, Inc.

Headquartered in Reston, VA, Intellitactics provides a suite of complementary security incident and event management (SIEM) products for organizations of all sizes. Well-known as the provider of Intellitactics Security Manager, the optimal enterprise security management solution, to the largest organizations in the world, Intellitactics has expanded its product leadership with a line of security management appliances, Intellitactics SAFE. The combination of the appliances and software products underscores Intellitactics product leadership in providing solutions for log management, compliance, threat management and incident response to every organization regardless of size or purchasing power. By combining any of the products of the suite, global organizations can effectively distribute SIEM capabilities outside headquarters. Complementary to Security Manager is Intellitactics™ SAM, which features security assurance metrics™ on a configurable dashboard. Intellitactics was awarded Common Criteria Certification in December 2004, making it the first software provider to earn this certification as a security information and event management solution. Founded in 1996, Intellitactics is backed by JMI Equity Fund LP and Lazard Technology Partners and is ranked by well-known industry analysts as a market leader known for product development, delivery and thought leadership. Visit us at

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