Ipop is the worlds leading talent event designed to promote emerging talent to leading Agents, Managers, and Casting Directors. Ipop talent scouts scour the United States, Canada, Asia, and the U.K. for stand out talent ready for representation.

At the biannual talent extravaganza hopeful stars of tomorrow audition for shows and compete for coveted titles awarded in front of thousands at the glittering iPOP black tie event.

Talents are put through the test at ipop and as a result become even better. Confidence is the key to success in life and is gained through experience. Shyanne has been selected to attend this year.

Out of 46 people who audition in the different areas, 19 people was selected to go and you guessed it, Shyanne is one of them. Please help her get to Las Vegas to attend iPOP.

She is really excited to go and has been doing nothing else but talking about going. She will be able to work with some of the best actors and models in the industry.

Please help Shyannes dream come true.