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Why do Zinc bolts rust?
See the title some friends may wonder, zinc bolts can still rust? Yes, we all think that screws will not rust after galvanized, in fact, this is not the case, screws galvanized, it is not that they will not rust, but will extend the time of rust. That is why it is important to know what the surface of the screw is required when it is used. Only in line with the environmental requirements of the surface treatment, will make the galvanized screws rust resistance to achieve the best state . Of course, the corrosion resistance of galvanized screws is not the best among all types of surface treatment. However, galvanized screws are the fasteners with the largest market share of surface treatments, compared to Dacromet and hot-dip galvanized treatment.

Now let’s analyze the common causes of rust.
Reason 1: No clear technical requirements before production, the factory according to the minimum thickness of galvanized production
Before production, the specific requirements of zinc (galvanizing thickness, salt spray time requirements) standard text, in order to achieve the implementation in place. If the customer does not specify a specific galvanizing requirement, the factory usually produces the product with the lowest galvanizing thickness of “3 um”. This zinc layer thickness is very thin and has poor rust resistance. If the economy allows, you can choose the thickness of >5um, or >8 um, salt spray requirements in 48 hours without white rust, 96 hours without red rust.

Reason 2: when designing, the engineer did not choose the right surface treatment of fasteners for the use of the environment
Screws galvanized, mainly for beauty and ease of installation, its anti-corrosion properties only for indoor fixed environment, with a certain degree of rust resistance.If you put a zinc-plated screws in the seaside environment, I’m afraid that less than half a year on the rust out of shape. So to find out where the problem lies from the root of the design, the design concept should meet the actual requirements to work.

Reason 3: galvanized bolts factory packaging time is problematic
If it is not used before the screws rust, then we have to consider whether the screws are not treated well. Sometimes we get the screws from the galvanizing plant to the warehouse, the screw surface temperature has not cooled down if you seal the bag at this time.The temperature difference between the inside and outside the change will make the screws packaged in a layer of vapor. This fog vapor on the surface of the screws corrode is very strong. Then it will not be long, the screws will be rusted. So the packaging into the warehouse time and the process is also quite important.

Reason 4: zinc bolt storage environment??
Another is the preservation environment. Galvanized screws storage environment must have ventilation facilities, if the indoor air humidity is very high, it will not take long to rust.?

Reason 5: galvanized production technology is not passable??
It is the galvanized screw manufacturer’s reasons. If the galvanized screw manufacturer’s technology is not pass, the thread itself is plated with defects, then of course it will rust.

How to choose the bolts , nuts and screws that are not easy to rust?

Method 1: Choose fasteners with different surface treatments according to the usage environments
For dry indoor conditions, bolts and nuts are usually zinc-plated in the usual thickness;
In harsh outdoor environments, hot-dip galvanized or mechanically galvanized bolts and nuts are used.
For automotive and motorcycle applications, Titanium fasteners, Dacromet fasteners, Gormet fasteners, and zinc-nickel alloy fasteners are usually used.

Method 2: Choose fasteners made of materials with high corrosion resistance
Choose stainless steel 304,304L,316,316L and special alloys . These raw materials are used for their high resistance to most corrosive environments.
For electrically conductive environments, choose fasteners made of brass and copper.
For lightweight, rust-resistant environments, choose aluminum fasteners, titanium fasteners.

Method 3: Choose a qualified fastener manufacturer with experience in exporting globally
JM Hardware ® is a Chinese fastener manufacturer with 18 years of experience. The products have been recognized and used for a long time by more than 1,200 customers in 85 countries around the world.
JM Hardware ® is a registered trademark of the United States, the European Union and the United Kingdom, with quality assurance and after-sales care.
JM Hardware ® products include all kinds of bolts, nuts, washers, pins, screws and special fasteners. The materials include stainless steel, alloy steel, aluminum alloy parts, copper, special alloys, etc. JM Hardware ® can also make customized production according to the specific needs of customers. The process involves cold heading, hot forging, machining, stamping, casting, etc., to ensure that customers get products with high cost performance that best meet their own needs.

JM Hardware ® has a skilled R&D team, an experienced production team, and a considerate and professional sales team. Strict quality control accordance with ISO9001:2015 quality standards and perfect after-sales service make it have a good reputation and a broad customer base in the market.

Up to now, we have exported a variety of bolts and nuts to New Zealand, USA, Germany, Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, France, U.K., Italy, Brazil, Canada, Australia, Russia, Mexico, Netherlands, Spain, Peru, Guatemala, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia Switzerland, Sweden, Poland etc. And we built long term business relationships with those leading companies.
 Whether it is mass production or small batch customization,JM Hardware ® can provide customers with high-quality products and professional services.

Choose JM, choose reassurance
If you want to learn more about hex ,nut,screw and washer, please contact us immediately:

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