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Journeys Within Announces Plan to Continue Myanmar Help

2008-07-15 09:50:00

SIEM REAP, Kingdom of Cambodia–(EMWNews)–As the focus of the rest of the world moves away from Myanmar, Journeys

Within Tour Company announced an unprecedented plan to help bring

tourism back to the devastated country as well as simultaneously raise

money for the continuation of much needed disaster

relief. From December 2008 through December 2009 Journeys Within

Tour Company will give 100 percent of the profit of the first 10 tours

to the Myanmar

relief effort and then continue to give 50 percent of profit of all

tours for the full year. The money raised will go to Journeys

Within Our Community (JWOC), a non-profit organization working in

Southeast Asia and one of the only non-profits to have Western aid

workers allowed into the stricken country.

We are hoping that this approach will

encourage people to travel to this amazing country. Most of the country

has not suffered any damage but is now struggling because the tourism

industry has essentially collapsed. Guides, drivers, hotel staff, they

are all facing uncertain futures. Our plan is to get our guests into

Myanmar so they can see the amazing sights, but also provide jobs within

the tourism industry and simultaneously help the Southern Region

destroyed by Cyclone Nargis, said Andrea

Ross, Journeys Within Tour Company owner and JWOC founder.

Following the model of the Thailand tsunami, Journeys Within hopes to

encourage travelers to visit the majority of the country that was not

harmed by Nargis, but is still feeling the effects. Then, to ensure that

the region in need continues to receive aid, the profit of a limited

number of tours will go directly to the JWOC efforts in the Delta

Region, followed, for an entire year, by 50 percent of all Burma tour


We felt this was the right thing to do, it’s

as simple as that, said Brandon Ross,

Journeys Within Tour Company president. The

people of Myanmar need our help and we know them: they are our guides,

drivers and friends and we wanted to do everything we could to support

them and help restore the country. This isn’t about politics, it is

about us helping our community.

Jesse Wolfe, JWOC director, has been on the ground in Myanmar working on

disaster relief and knows first-hand the struggle the people are facing.

JWOC has provided much needed rice in the Delta Region and is also

supporting an orphanage damaged in the storm and now running at capacity

because of the Nargis orphans.

For JWOC, we have a lot more work we still

want to do, said Jesse. The

people I met need our help now and are going to need it for a while, but

already, with the media not focusing on it, the donations are slowing

down. Because of this, I think what Journeys Within is doing is key to

the re-growth of the country. This is a sustainable way to benefit the

entire country as well as the Delta region directly. I hope that people

will see this as an amazing opportunity to do good as they travel.

Journeys Within Tour Company has released new Myanmar tours on their

website and will also give the profit of any portion of a custom tour in


Over the years we have used a number of tour

companies throughout the world. It is hard to find a tour company that

is truly connected with the destinations that it serves. Journeys Within

is demonstrating its concern and connection with the people of Myanmar

through its commitment to funnel the profits from their tours into

relief efforts. We feel fortunate to be working with such a caring

organization, said Dennis and Susan Shay,

planning a custom tour for January 2009, including Myanmar.

About Journeys Within Tour Company

Journeys Within offers

customized trips to Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Burma and Cambodia. Brandon

and Andrea Ross live in Cambodia and travel extensively, keeping in

touch with all their guides and making sure all accommodations are up to

par. By being based in Southeast Asia, Andrea and Brandon truly know the

many destinations and can assure the quality of each tour, setting them

apart from the competition.

About Journeys Within Our Community

Journeys Within Our

Community (JWOC) seeks to create and support projects that reduce

poverty levels and increase educational and economic opportunities

throughout Southeast Asia. Projects provide training and assistance in

the areas of health, education, and economic development. As new

problems develop, JWOC focuses resources and attention to solve those

problems. By working at the local level and focusing on basic needs such

as clean water, education, health, emergency relief and other

community-based issues, JWOC helps to develop projects that start small,

but with outside support, gain momentum and change lives. More

information can be found and donations can be made at

or you can contact Jesse at [email protected].

Release Summary:

As most move away from Myanmar, Journeys Within announced they will give

a percentage of their profits to disaster relief efforts in a plan to

raise money and help bring tourism back.

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Journeys Within Tour Company
Andrea Ross, 1-877-454-3672

of Tours/Marketing
[email protected]

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