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In 2009 I moved into an apartment in Seattle, WA alone with my 2 dogs, Sophie and Cooper. Unbeknownst to me I had moved into a mold invested apartment and soon became very ill.

Eventually, I was bed-ridden and unable to walk, bathe, feed or take care of myself or my puppies. I was covered in a full body skin condition that burned and caused incredible pain.

The only way I made it through were friends and family supporting me and taking care of me. I just took it a day at a time, prayed, and remembered others in the world were going through far worse.

After almost 5 years of living there, the reason for my illnesses became known when I discovered severe mold growing in my apartment.  I then moved out as soon as possible and was later tested positive for mold toxin almost 3 times the amount humans should have in their system. Once I was no longer living there,  my symptoms improved greatly and my doctors confirmed it was the mold poisoning that caused my illnesses.

I’m desperate for help.


While living in my new apartment, insomnia set in due to  nights filled with deep hurt, anger and frustration for 2 reasons:

1) My landlord admitted to me she knew about the mold before I moved in but didn’t tell me.

2) There was someone else currently living in the apartment that was being poisoned without their knowledge.

I decided I wasn’t able to allow it to continue another minute without trying to at least prevent this from happening to someone else. So I contacted an attorney and began the process of doing 2 things:

1) Gaining a court order where the landlord was forced to have the mold professionally removed.

2) Sue her for my pain and suffering as well as for a medical / financial safeguard, in the event I become ill and won’t be able to work later in life. The prognosis for me isn’t good, because even after not living in the apartment for almost 4 years my toxin levels are still high and the potential for me developing early Alzheimer’s or dimensia is strong, among other illnesses.  This mold also deeply effected my dogs’ health too, causing severe dimensia in Sophie, my Chow.

Here is what’s happening now: I am fighting her and her insurance company legally and it’s costing me so much money I’m essentially bankrupt. I’ve spent my entire retirement savings on my attorneys and have nothing left. Honestly I am terrified that I won’t be able to finish what I’ve started and not only will I lose everything I’ve already invested, but I won’t be able to see this through and force this landlord to understand and pay for the horrible pain and suffering she caused my family, friends, myself and even my animals. When all she had to do was either fix the mold problem or at the least inform me so I was able to decide for myself if I wanted to risk my health to live there. Instead, she decided her mortgage was more important than the life of a human being.

Here is my promise: Every dollar donated will be returned to the donator, above and beyond my receiving $100k in a settlement.  So if I receive 100k or more every cent will be returned to you. Under that amount I will do everything I can to refund at least 50% of your donation. Your full donation may not be returned only because I’m truly not sure how much more the case will cost. I will state I have no projections for an award settlement – it could be more or less or even nothing. I just know I need to try.  I can’t let this go unless I’m absolutely forced. The landlord and her insurance company are creating intentional delays hoping to make me give up. You have no idea how much your help would mean so we don’t have to withdraw the case.

Thank you so much for reading and donating if you’re able.

I’m desperate for help.


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