KNBOR The first smart ceiling lamp providing Wi-Fi Kickstarter Campaign Viral Marketing

KNBOR The first smart ceiling lamp providing Wi-Fi Kickstarter Campaign Viral Marketing
Why The New Wi-Fi Producing KNBOR Smart Ceiling Lamp Could Be A Game Changer!

Moving into your new home is always exciting. You have a lot of planning to do. The one important thing that you wouldn’t want to miss out on, though, is deciding where the Wi-Fi router should be. You don’t want any dead spots, and walls can block Wi-Fi signals – which means that you might need more than one router to have Internet connectivity throughout your home. It could be a mass! But what if there is an easier option?


KNBOR,the world’s first Wi-Fi producing ceiling lamp, aims to exactly simplify your network life while with fantastic lighting experience. Since it would be there right on top of the ceiling, you do not have to worry about any dead spots in the room. With the KNBOR ceiling lamp, do not worry about the right spots for the Wi-Fi router in your home. Instead, just have inbuilt Wi-Fi connectivity with your ceiling lamp! The KNBOR smart lamp doesn’t just offer you internet connectivity in each room that you put it in, it also consumes really less power, thanks to the new Power Line Communication (PLC) technology and LED technology it features. You get the Wi-Fi strength you need, but that isn’t the only thing you can do with KNBOR units. It offers more!


There are other functions that are great for busy people who want their light fixture to do more than just illuminate a room. The mood lighting comes in plenty of colors, which can be synced up a music system for parties, and there is even the chance to customize the tones to match a room. There are also sensitive brightness controls that the system can memorize.

The project went up on Kickstarter for funding a few days back, and achieved its initial funding goal in less than 48 hours. With all the support from the backers, having a ceiling lamp that can do a whole lot more than just light up the room is now going to be a reality. With a price of just $99 for one unit of the lamp, it does seem a good bargain, and you might just want to head off to Kickstarter to order one for yourself. Easy visit to the KNBOR campaign page

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