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KUN’s new single “RIDE OR DIE” is released today, encouraging everyone to move forward fearlessly

On January 31, 2024, original musician KUN officially released his latest masterpiece, “RIDE OR DIE,” which marks his first foray into the new style of Experimental Rock. The song features strong drum beats paired with a distinctively magnetic and deep voice, conveying a sense of breaking through the haze to embrace hope and a passionate upward attitude. The inspiration for the song came from a stormy night, and after three months of continuous writing and refining, it has finally been released. This makes “RIDE OR DIE” one of the most time-consuming and heartfelt works in KUN’s personal creative career, showcasing his unique talent.

“I’ll take you from peril to paradise, when all is silent, I will RIDE OR DIE with you.” The entire song is like a musical film about himself, fully depicting his thoughts and feelings through the melody. Like the prelude to an impending storm, an angel is banished and falls from heaven. Along the way, the beating of the drums attacks in succession, creating dangers that seem like a dreamscape shattering. The addition of the organ and strings builds a magnificent atmosphere, culminating in a mix of low growls and high pitches, unfolding an overture about power and battle…

KUN believes that rock is the genre best suited to convey this kind of power. It represents a new style that has always interested him but one he has never before shared with his audience. Driven by a desire to perfect this song, he invested a considerable amount of time in designing and adjusting it. To further enrich the arrangement, he traveled between Los Angeles, Korea, and Shanghai, undergoing dozens of different designs. Simplifying from complexity, he ultimately chose a minimalist yet powerful combination of bass and drums to construct a complete instrumental framework. This approach has brought forth an immediate sense of “live performance” that emerges vividly before the listener.

Many will notice KUN’s transformation, whether in his singing style, arrangements, or even his physical appearance. KUN expresses his hope that more people can understand the message he wishes to convey through “RIDE OR DIE.” Whether it be through music, performances, charity work, or other means, he believes that no effort is too small or too awkward. As long as it can spread a positive force, it is meaningful to him. KUN hopes that everyone can always move forward bravely and without fear.


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