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Hey Everyone,

Thanks for stopping by and giving this a read. Where to start….. Well I’m a 37 year old man living in Manchester in the UK and I’m currently studying a Psychology and Counselling Degree at Bolton University with the hope of becoming a fully qualified Counsellor. In my spare time I volunteer for the local LGBT foundation where I’m hoping to become a volunteer HIV tester.

I am supposed to be entering my last year at University in September but unfortunately I’ve just been told I can’t get funding for my tuition fees because I had to repeat a semester in year 2 after getting a tramped nerve in my arm. This trapped nerve caused me to miss so many lectures that i just didnt have the taught knowledge to pass the exams.

I can’t describe how devastated I would be if I wasn’t able to complete my degree. My journey through University, studying a subject I’m so passionate about has enriched my life beyond measure and I don’t say this lightly. I’ve lived with pychosis most of my adult life but it wasn’t until going back to study Counselling that I was able to learn the coping mechanisms to get a grip on my disability. My mental health condition has defined my adult life and although on the one hand it has caused so much heartache for both me and the people around me it has also lead me to this point in my life and for that I genuinely feel like one of the lucky ones…… It could of been so much worse.

There is no plan B for me but I’ve tried every option that I can think of to raise the £9000 tuition fees so this is why I’m here asking for your help. I need to raise £20000 for my final year and this will cover my schooling fees and living expenses. It will also cover a large donation to local Mental Health services so it’s not only just about me.

As a thank you for donations I am willing to give something back. This could be in the form of a Counselling/Mentoring session, a copy of my dissertation which is on the “different attitudes towards HIV between the gay community and Straight community” or any other reasonable request that is suggested to me.

Again, thanks for reading my pages guys and whether you do or don’t donate I just want you to know I appreciate you stopping and reading my page.