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Launch of New Online Art Gallery: See Arts Studio Gallery

Creativity Inspired by Life Inspired by Design

Walthamstow, London May 20, 2024 ( – Announcing the launch of a new online art gallery

Welcoming you to See Arts Studio Gallery.

This news is important, a great opportunity for your audience, an invitation to source new and exclusive abstract artworks on canvas in different sizes and mediums, A3/A4 original drawings in different mediums that come with a Certificate of Authenticity, photographic, digital art as open, limited prints in 27 sizes, a choice of 12 leading industry museum quality papers and canvas prints, giclee and eco papers with boarder or full bleed prints at no extra cost, great for all frames, for your consideration.

Specialising in a variety of stunning contemporary Surreal, Expressionist, Abstract Arts, Graphic designs, Graphic Arts, Art illustrations, Stencil art, Islamic art, Photography, Digital Arts. Open and Limited Prints presents an amazing oeuvre of works to choose from. Be inspired and elevated by these art collections each piece has its own unique appeal.

Originals and Prints Suitable for Art Collectors, Art dealers, Artists from all backgrounds, Interior designers, Art Museums, Corporations, and Art lovers. Who will find these diverse interesting collections desirable which also can be purchased as prints or canvas prints? Limited print editions are signed, numbered and come with a Certificate of Authenticity.

Photographic images from London, New York Manhattan, Paris and Mauritius. Come in Black and White / Colour digital prints. These are very accommodating, effective for all types of spaces that will present a good reflection to their visitors and can provide a great working atmosphere for staff, touching people’s lives, bringing much satisfaction and healing to each viewer to be inspired, and elevated by these art collections. Each piece has its own unique appeal, interesting and desirable.

The Gallery Shop has a wide range of wonderful gifts, souvenirs, merchandise, and T-shirts inspired by artwork collections and designs. Discover something special from a selection of designed items. These artworks and prints are great and appealing to corporations, Companies, businesses, offices, hotels, and hospitals.

See Arts Studio Gallery is set to launch on May 20th, 2023. London, England. We offer Free delivery Within the UK and Overseas.

Artworks and Designs are by Seedick Aufogul an Anglo Mauritian British, Visual Fine Artist, Graphic Designer, Photographer, Digital Artist, Textile and T-Shirt designer, Multi-traded Entrepreneur. Inspired at a young age by artists like Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali, William Morris, later by Jackson Pollock, William Kandinsky and by the Islamic arts and Architecture. His passion and love for art and design shows in his works.

Seedick has been producing art and designs using his artistic talents, applying a wealth of knowledge, life experiences and skills gained on his journey as an Artisan and Design Creator from the many education facilities he has attended, graduating from university as he continues to develop his career. Seedick has his own styles and continues to push his practice further. Seedick Aufogul lives and works in London, United Kingdom

You can find out more about Seedick’s journey and his art practice on how he became an artist, graphic designer, photographer, textile and digital artist from the blog section at

Please would you share this news with your audience, so they can visit our online gallery to explore New Artwork, Designs, Photography, Digital art at, benefiting from our wide range of artwork images, designs, prints, gallery shop, designed T-shirts, Blogs and ebook which are available to purchase, to enrich their lives, receiving inspiration, and much pleasure and stratification?

Please don’t hesitate to contact me directly if you have further questions about this story.

Kind regards

See Arts Studio Gallery

Contact Seedick for further information

Email: [email protected]

Work number: 07359 181313

Private Number: 07359742369


Media Contact

See Arts Studio Gallery

[email protected]

Source :See Arts Studio Gallery

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