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Leg smashed by car GoFundME Booster

After having my leg crushed by a car at work, and asking about on the job injury insurance coverage I was terminated wrongfully, I think, how about you.

My name is Alycia and i currently live in the Oklahoma City Metro, and like every other normal working fiance Hayden work more than he sleeps and doesn’t really get into the social network scene so this is definitely strange for him but me and his friends have been begging him it wouldn’t  hurt..even to just tell th3 story, get it out there…he’s been building classic cars for about 20 yrs now, and everything i have see is awesome…working in the auto body repair business since working in a small while attending  college, and now that hes about to turn 42 yrs old, and having recently going into business for himself, and partnering with a Classic Car Collector, things were actually going somewhat great..

Then on the first week of this past June, a few short months ago, it was just another normal morning when the unbelievable went way wrong, while him and 2 other guys were pushing a 1973 Jaguar up on a ramp to place on the lift, being raised in the air, so he could do the underneath inspection, has been done a million times with no problems, but with the driver seat being on the passenger side, this particular car wasn’t your average American made car..Being as that is, one of the guys forgot to set the emergency brake..and YEP you guessed it, thw unbelievable happens, and with  Hayden not noticing, the car rolled off the ramp, falling off the edge of the lift and pinning him between the Jaguar and another car, smashing his left leg,  he told me all he could think was I’m f $!&*g stuck, not believing what had just happen, the other two guys froze, admittedly a few minutes goes by waiting for the initial shock to wear off, one of them grabbed a jack, and was able to jack the Jaguar up just enough where he was able to pull his leg out, the only thought being “I’m free thank God Almighty” but not so fast, reality sets in,  after going to take a step and falls on the floor, i get a call from the ER, where I’m told that his work doesn’t have insurance which I thought would be bad enough, but I was wrong, his knee and ankle both require surgery that he nor i cannot afford, and without it he will probably never walk right again, the Dr told me to keep him from doing any unneeded strenuous exercise, as it might dislocated his knee at running with his dogs, no playing basketball at the local park, or at the high school with the kids..and id you knew him, telling him he probably couldn’t play basketball ever again was worse than saying they were gonna have to amputate from the thigh down..he is broken inside, but would never admit it….And to make things worse, now that he can’t work on the cars he loves and makes beautiful again, i guess his employer felt like He was a liability or maybe even a lawsuit waiting to happen, so he tells him if  he doesn’t make the shop any money, than the shop has to terminate his employment, which makes no sense, seeing as how he was hurt at work, by a truly random accident, he didn’t evwn ask for any compensation, just wanted to be able to get what medical needs he was told he needed!! I’m not on social media at all, so please bare with me, I’m trying to catch up, for the both of us, Hayden  really just wanna get back to building cars, and making dreams come true for classic car owners..thank you,  I had wrote several of these, but in the end I figured straight to the point is how Hayden would have put it, so that would be best. ..thank you very much, and any thing helps…It’s time to bring Haydens smile back to life, like he has done so many cars and trucks over the years..thank you

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