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Letters to the Soul by Seanna Smallwood Advocate Against Domestic Violence

Letters to the Soul by Seanna Smallwood Advocate Against Domestic Violence


The mission is to get the book in the hands of SURVIVORS before they become VICTIMS – wake them up and EMPOWER them to change their life and the lives of their You. 

“The ego is nothing more than a process by which the conscious and unconscious mind tests reality and generates an identity for the self – all of this is an illusion.” ~ Seanna Smallwood, Author, Letters to the Soul

“Satan has placed upon the ego a specific assignment to discredit the divine light within us. The ego of a toxic person is the conduit by which that assignment can be completed.” ~ Seanna Smallwood, Author, Letters to the Soul

*** Hello! My name is Seanna Smallwood. I help children and adult children (abused children now adults) all across the world heal from their traumatic experiences. I am promoting the most recent book that I wrote to help people heal their life traumas by changing their perception of their own reality. I am a psychology student at Walden University and am currently looking for speaking engagements to help and inspire people to heal from anything that affected them emotionally – any form of abuse.

Amazon offers Independent Authors fantastic marketing opportunities for creative works but of course, the best marketing costs the most money. I am looking for supporters that might also have a passion for helping people heal from traumas in their lives. Please SHARE this page so people around the world can support this mission, as well.

I’m so passionate about the topic of domestic violence and healing victims of abuse, that even though I’m looking for support on promoting the book, I’ve also dedicated 50% of the proceeds of all online book sales to be donated to – the National Hotline for help with Domestic Violence. 

Here’s the link to my YouTube Channel which explains my passionate work:

If you’d like to work with me as your life coach, you can order your subscription here. Upon receipt, I will email you to coordinate the best time/days for your sessions:  (*Please note: sessions are booking fast for regularly scheduled coaching clients and days are currently limited to Mondays.)

Here’s a link to The Self-Empowerment Channel on Vimeo for inspiration and educational videos for people of all ages, schools and organizations on various topics. The videos are rentals for your group and can be watched in any setting. Examples of professionals or groups that benefit from these videos are: therapists, teachers, guidance counselors, teens, sheriff departments, shelters for abused women and children, training events, sales training, corporate staff, masterminds, and group think sessions.

Here’s the link to my 2nd book: “Letters to the Soul”

Here’s the link to book me to Speak LIVE to your Group with Love & Light – to INSPIRE them to step away from victimhood and step into their POWER:

With the funds, I will also purchase Author copies (I just pay for the cost of printing & shipping) in large quantities and sign them after I do presentations for Shelters for Women & Children across the USA. Attendees of these speeches at shelters will get a free, signed copy.

Thank you for your support and doing your part in helping people understand their experiences in this lifetime have a purpose and that purpose is to learn the lessons – the lessons they AGREED to learn before being incarnated to this lifetime ~ and use it to help others. 

XOXO with Love & Light,

Seanna Smallwood,
Mommy, Bestie, Author, Inspirational Speaker, Life-Coach, YouTuber, Realtor, Loan Officer, Reiki Master, and Empath

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