Maintains production guiding



2008-08-20 04:29:00

STAVANGER, NORWAY–(EMWNews – August 20, 2008) –

The shutdown of the rich gas pipeline between Kvitebjørn and Kollsnes

will impact StatoilHydro’s production for the remainder of the year.

Visund will continue to inject gas during the shutdown and liquids

will consequently be produced. Kvitebjørn liquids and gas production

will be shut down.

Our gas customers are not likely to be affected by the incident.

StatoilHydro maintains the guiding on 1,9 million barrels per day of

equity production for 2008.

Lars Troen Sørensen, senior vice president for IR:

+ 47 90 64 91 44 (mobile), +47 51 99 77 90 (office)

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