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Hi everyone!
I am super excited to have you stumble upon my page and listen to what I have in store to tell you 🙂

I am Joshua Torres, an aspiring Orthopedic Surgeon entering my Senior Year of college at the Harriet L. Wilkes Honors College of Florida Atlantic University.
I have had some of the most life changing experiences on this campus, as well as encountered some of the most inspirational people that I have the pleasure of calling role models. Going away for college has been an exponential learning experience. I remember when I relied on my mom to do my laundry and waited for my dad to cook up some dinner. Boy oh boy, do I miss those days! Here I am, in my last year of my undergraduate career, working under the Jupiter Life Science Intiative along side Post Doctoral Students studying Sleep and Metabolism interactions using fruit flies. At the same time, I am juggling a position as the Supervisor for Intramurals under the Jupiter Campus Recreational Department along with 15 credit hours. If you had asked me where do I see myself 5 years ago, I would have never guessed I would be here fund raising to work under one of the most prestigious Fellowship programs, with a chance to go to Europe and network with physicians in a country across the world! I have been so grateful to work with physicians in a variety of specialites. But this opportunity is much greater than experiencing the field I wish to pursue. The Atlantis Project is allowing me to experience the culture, dynamics, as well as a whole new healthcare system through this trip. I am ecstatic to take on this opportunity I have been granted to dedicate my time to help others, however there are multiple costs ranging from program fees to plane tickets to food in order to make the most out of this experience. I would be beyond grateful for the help and support that you have to offer. Any donations $5, $10 etc. will go a long way in helping me on my journey of pursuing medicine and becoming an Orthopedic Surgeon to help others!

Thank you,
Joshua Torres

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