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He is 27 year old Zohaib Hasan who had motorbike accident with clavicular fracture and a bleed into his frontal lobe with frontal lobe skull fractures, admitted in chm Gilgit.

It Been 4 weeks or more since we are collecting funds for him from near and dear. But that’s not enough to cover the medical bills and to continue his treatment and recovery after Brian surgery to remove clot.

We still need about 7500 usd approximately or more after handouts from friends and relatives which is still not enough to cover all the bills , so his sister’s can bring him to Islamabad and continue the treatment for his recovery.

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He is only 27 years old and he can recover from this. Please help him as much as you can.

For anyone who wish to help directly by visiting the hospital can contact me in the below email and we will be able to guide you accordingly or for the contact of the hospital.

Also please any one can contact us for the home address and contact numbers to help directly or in any way possible.

Your kindness is required to save a life.


Please Support this Campaign at

Thank you