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MIRAAGE + Atlantic Records= ? GoFundME by Ian Gabriel Rosser Campaign


LEXINGTON, KY May 30, 2019 – I have been given an amazing opportunity to create a professional music video in LA with a videographer who works with artists on Atlantic Records.

The only thing between me and this great opportunity is $2500. My connection out west told me that in order to do this I need to bring that to the table.

The money is going to pay the videographer, as well as provide some expenses to get this venture accomplished.

The song for the video, is my single that will release on 05/08 entitled “SKRRT-SKRRT”. This is a very meaningful song about doing what nobody believed you could and then coming back to your community, showing them that you’ve made it and that they can make it too!

I’m aiming to shoot the video this month (May), but if it takes longer, then it takes what it takes.

I have over 1,300 friends on Facebook. My vision is if 1000 people give $2.50, I would have the $2500 I need. I hope to do it that way, because I think that would be a small amount that would be easier for someone to give.

With that being said. I want you to give to your hearts content. If you can give $5.00, cool. If you can only give 50 cents that’s cool too. Even if you can’t give anything, you could share this post and reach out to someone who may be able to help.

Regardless, I appreciate your love and support on this journey!

Social Media Shout-Out!($5)– I’ll shout you out and show love for your donation.

Video Screening/Live Performance ($10)– Get a ticket to see a pre-release screening of the video, other songs, and potentially other local artists (location TBD)

Music Advice/Business Tips($15)– I’ll give you some tips and quick strategies to help you grow your business/artistry

Personal Playlist ($25)– I will send you a playlist of 5 songs I think you should listen to! I will do my best to make them specific to you/what I think you’d enjoy.

Signed “SKRRT SKRRT” Poster ($50)– I will sign a poster of the cover art and mail it to you.

Custom Song($200)– I’ll make a song about a topic you choose.

The Whole 9 ($500 or more)– You will get everything listed above PLUS Associative Producer credit for the video

~If you select any of the perks above, send me a message, so we can talk about how to deliver your perk. ~


Media Contact:
Ian Gabriel Rosser
Twitter: @iammiraage
eMail: ianrosserky@gmail.com
Tel: (859) 475-6607
Soundcloud: MIRAAGE @ArtWorldCreate

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