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Mitrionics’ CTO Presents FPGA Acceleration Technologies & Hybrid Computing Strategies at MRSC



2008-03-31 23:01:00

Mitrionics’ CTO Presents FPGA Acceleration Technologies & Hybrid Computing Strategies at MRSC

LUND, SWEDEN–( EMWNews – April 1, 2008) – Mitrionics™ AB, developer of the

Mitrion™ Software Acceleration Platform and the Mitrion Virtual

Processor, today announced that Stefan Möhl, Mitrionics co-founder and

Chief Scientific Officer, will discuss the company’s latest FPGA

acceleration technology advancements, Green Computing, and hybrid computing

strategies during two presentations at the Many-core and Reconfigurable

Supercomputing Conference (MRSC) being held at The Queen’s University of

Belfast, Northern Ireland. Mitrionics is hosting one-half day workshop on

Tuesday April 1st. The workshop will cover a broad range of

introductory-to-advanced topics, using the 60x acceleration of the NCBI

BLAST application as an example of a successful implementation. The

workshop is designed to provide attendees with a theoretical as well as a

working knowledge of how to develop FPGA accelerated applications. Mr. Möhl

will also deliver a

high-level presentation on Wednesday, April 2, 2008 discussing “What is

next for accelerators? Turf war or collaboration?”

“FPGA accelerated computing has gained significant momentum as new

technologies, initiatives, and applications have contributed to increased

interest and adoption of this technology. One of the big drivers for

FPGA-based acceleration is the fact that FPGAs generate increased

processing performance using less electrical power. The Mitrion Virtual

Processor is a key enabler for Green FPGA Computing,” said Stefan Möhl,

co-founder and chief technology officer of Mitrionics AB.

About MRSC

The Many-core and Reconfigurable Supercomputing Conference (MRSC) will take

place in the Institute for Electronics, Communications and Information

Technology (ECIT) which is a part of the Queen’s University of Belfast. The

ECIT Building is located on the Northern Ireland Science Park (NISP)

( which is within the Titanic Quarter in the city of


About the Mitrion Platform and Mitrion Virtual Processor

The fine-grained, massively parallel Mitrion Virtual Processor is the core

of the Mitrion Platform. It runs software written in the Mitrion-C parallel

programming language in FPGAs and completely eliminates the need for the

programmer to master hardware design. The Mitrion Virtual Processor has a

unique architecture that lets it be adapted to each program it is running

in order to maximize performance. Together with the Mitrion Software

Development Kit, it offers a unique solution for developing supercomputing

applications for FPGAs on a true software level. This dramatically reduces

the total development costs for FPGA-based software acceleration, and more

importantly, enables the whole supercomputing industry to benefit from FPGA

application acceleration.

About Mitrionics

Founded in 2001, Mitrionics AB is the technology leader in the exciting new

field of FPGA Supercomputing which provides higher processing power and

lower energy consumption than clusters of computer systems. The company’s

Mitrion Virtual Processor and Mitrion Software Development Kit provide cost

effective FPGA Supercomputing power to organizations for their most

critical applications. The Mitrion Platform is unique from any other FPGA

programming solution, because it eliminates the need for circuit design

skills, thus making FPGA Supercomputing performance accessible to an entire

new market of scientists and developers. Mitrionics has key industry

relationships with Cray, Nallatech, and Silicon Graphics. For more

information, visit the company Web site at, or call +46

46 286 2590, or email: [email protected].

Mitrionics, Mitrion, Mitrion Platform, Mitrion Virtual Processor, and

Mitrion Software Development Kit are trademarks of Mitrionics, Inc. All

other trademarks are property of their respective owners.

EU Media Contact
Gunilla Savring
Mitrionics AB
Ph: +46 46 286 2596

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