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Montego Networks Announces HyperVSecurity Framework and Partner Alliance to Enable Interoperable, Best-of-Breed Virtual Network Security Partners Cyberoam, Lancope, Plixer and StillSecure to Del


Montego Networks

2008-04-07 06:14:00

Montego Networks Announces HyperVSecurity Framework and Partner Alliance to Enable Interoperable, Best-of-Breed Virtual Network Security

Partners Cyberoam, Lancope, Plixer and StillSecure to Del

BOSTON, MA and SAN FRANCISCO, CA–( EMWNews – April 7, 2008) – At the RSA Conference

2008, Montego

Networks™, an innovative provider of policy enforcement, access

control and secure switching for virtual networks, today announced its

HyperVSecurity™ Alliance, an initiative allowing third-party vendors to

integrate their products with Montego’s HyperVSecurity™ technology

platform. Through their integration with Montego’s architecture, technology

partners and their customers will be able to leverage the power, efficiency

and operational benefits of the Montego

HyperSwitch™ — the industry’s first virtual security switch.

The Montego HyperVSecurity vendor-agnostic framework facilitates an

interoperable virtual security architecture enabling VM-to-VM visibility,

inspection and security, and delivers valuable solutions with minimal

network configuration, reliability and performance headaches. For

virtualization customers, the HyperVSecurity™ Alliance provides a

flexible, integrated toolkit they can confidently deploy to address needs

for virtual security, application performance and investment protection.

Through its Alliance, Montego Networks is well positioned to build

productive partnerships with vendors of best-of-breed IDS/IPS, patch

management, behavioral analysis, anti-malware, network monitoring, and

other applications.

The HyperVSecurity™ Alliance lets its partners rapidly leverage

advantages of the Montego platform including fast access to virtual market

applications, co-branded lead-generation channel presence & sales.

Concurrently, it gives virtualization channel partners a ready-made

portfolio of certified products, customer-ready solutions and cross-sell

revenue opportunities.

Charter Members of the HyperVSecurity Alliance include these networking and

security solutions innovators:

Cyberoam: Unified

Threat Management Plus (UTM+)

Lancope: StealthWatch™ for

NetFlow and sFlow-based Anomaly Detection and Network Performance



International: Scrutinizer™ NetFlow Analyzer

StillSecure® — Commercial

and open source secure network infrastructure solutions including NAC,

IDS/IPS, vulnerability management & a unified networking/security platform

Support for the Alliance from its members:

“Many of our customers and channel partners are excited about

virtualization, so it’s imperative that we can provide them with a robust

network security strategy that best meets the needs of any data center

environment,” said Joshua Block, VP/North American Operations, Cyberoam.

“Through the HyperVSecurity Alliance and Montego’s policy-based switching

technology, Cyberoam is now able to inspect specific traffic of interest

for viruses and malware between Virtual Machines. And with the Alliance’s

marketing support, we’re able to provide our own channel partners with

resources they need to successfully meet their business & sales


“Lancope is proud to be a Charter Member of Montego’s HyperVSecurity

Alliance. By integrating StealthWatch with the Montego HyperSwitch, we are

enabling enterprises to confidently monitor and secure VM-to-VM NetFlow

traffic communications,” said Adam Powers, CTO of Lancope, provider of

StealthWatch, the most widely used Network Behavior Analysis solution.

“StealthWatch provides critical visibility into all VM-to-VM network

communications resulting in both an optimized and secure end-user

experience on the network.”

“Using NetFlow, Montego’s HyperSwitch gives customers more insight into

server traffic from each virtual machine. Because of this, Scrutinizer

NetFlow Analyzer can now provide perceptive network details in a

virtualized environment,” said Mike Patterson, CEO of Plixer International.

“Virtualization provides many benefits to the data center including

minimizing costs, rack space, as well as the time and effort it takes to

deploy new hardware and applications,” said Alan Shimel, Chief Strategy

Officer at StillSecure. “Through our partnership with Montego Networks,

StillSecure has the ability to work within the hypervisor to provide

IDS/IPS, vulnerability management, and NAC in virtual-to-virtual

environments. We look forward to working with companies like Montego who

understand the importance of virtualization and can help us bring security

to the virtual world.”

The Montego

HyperSwitch approaches virtualized network security from a new

direction that integrates network policy enforcement and access control

with a high-availability virtual security switch. This unique approach

allows the Montego HyperSwitch to efficiently deliver advanced capabilities

including policy-based virtual network partitioning, L2-L4 Firewall,

Identity Firewall, Content Firewall, Virtual Network Discovery, Secure

Inter-VM communication, 802.1Q VLANs, 802.1D Spanning Tree, Load-balanced

Quality of Service (QoS), Policy-Based Switching, Policy-Based Traffic

Mirroring, NetFlow, and more. The HyperSwitch also includes Montego

Firewall Control Protocol (MFCP) which enables 3rd party security vendors

to leverage API calls that allow for remote configuration of its security


“Dynamic virtual environments and rapidly changing threats make it

impossible for one vendor to solve every potential security challenge. As

proven in the past, an open, interoperable framework is the best way to

meet evolving requirements for security and performance. We’re proud to

introduce the HyperVSecurity Alliance as way for multiple security

solutions to co-exist within the virtual environment,” said John Peterson,

CTO and co-founder of Montego Networks. “Through our support for

user-defined policy controls that dictate which packets get inspected by

particular security applications, along with APIs that allow approved

vendors to invoke Firewall policy, Montego allows a multitude of security

solutions to operate simultaneously without major performance impact.”

About Montego Networks

Boston-based Montego Networks is an innovative provider of policy

enforcement, access control and secure switching for virtual networks.

Founded in 2007 by a team of security, networking and virtualization

veterans, Montego Networks brings unique perspectives and solutions to the

challenges of virtual network security. The flagship Montego HyperSwitch is

the industry’s first virtual security

switch and delivers advanced networking and security capabilities in

virtual network environments. In addition, the Montego Networks

HyperVSecurity™ technology platform enables integrated delivery of

multi-vendor virtual security applications with the

high-performance/high-availability Montego HyperSwitch secure virtual

switch product. For more info, visit

Montego Networks, Montego HyperSwitch and Montego HyperVSecurity are

trademarks of Montego Networks, Inc. All other marks are properties of

their respective owners.

Montego Press Contact:
Patrick Rafter


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