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We were using a new Deep fryer my mother got for her birthday that just passsed a few days ago, to make French fries. The oil got too hot and caught the kitchen on fire . There is estimated 20k in damages to the house, which insurance covers.. they however do not cover damage to personal property or the cost of living while out of our home. There is about 10k + in smoke damages to personal property in the house . All furniture, electronics, bedding, clothing , almost everything in our home has to be thrown out. My little sisters won’t even have beds to sleep on when we go home. We will be out of our home for the next two months and are basically homeless until then, with very little money for living expenses. My mother got 1st & 2nd degree burns and will also be out of work for at least a week. We are trying to raise money to replace property damaged in the fire and for living expenses while the house is being fixed. Any donations are greatly appreciated!!

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