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Mr Thank You and Sasha Belair presented a song about love

Mr Thank You, a world-famous performer who is one of the top 200 most influential bloggers in the world, and his wife Sasha Belair, singer and creator of the meditation app ABMoney, have presented a joint song “Love, Love, Love”. https://bnfr.link/lovelovelove

The new hit was inspired, of course, by love and their wonderful son Leo, whom, as they admitted, they named after their favourite actor – Leonardo Dicaprio. This track is already conquering the top of the world charts and going viral online, many bloggers are shooting videos to this bright and inspiring song. Instagram alone has already shot over 12,000 videos for this hit and that’s just the beginning. Undoubtedly, “Love, Love, Love” promises to be a hit like Mr Thank You’sprevious songs “Let it Fly” and “Capybara to the Moon”.

Mr Thank You (real name Sergei Kosenko) combines philanthropist, creator, entrepreneur and singer with a rapidly growing audience. His audience already numbers over one and a half million followers. This charismatic performer in his 36 years has managed to capture the attention of all these people on TikTok, Instagram and other social platforms.


The scale of his popularity is simply mind-boggling. Mr. Thank You has over 43 million followers on Instagram alone and his most popular video has amassed 174 million views. His videos on TikTokare equally impressive, averaging 2.5 million views each, with his most viewed video garnering 36.6 million views.


Not so long ago the song “Let It Fly” by the enigmatic artist MrThank You was on the MTV charts. Capybara to the Moon was recognised by the famous producer PantaSon as a smash hit.

There are still mysteries surrounding the origins and motives of MrThank You, but there is no denying his position as an internet sensation. As he continues to attract a global audience with his eclectic mix of music, humour and positivity, this enigmatic writer looks set to remain a dominant force on our screens.


We’ll be keeping a close eye on Mr Thank You to see where his success takes him.


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