My Fathers Car GoFundME Campaign

My father has always been a giving man. He’s told me many times that he would do whatever he can for me and he has. He’s worked so hard and everything he’s done has been for me so now that this tragic accident has happened to his beloved car, that he saved for months in order to buy, I want to return the favor.

Our family has never believed in asking for handouts. But the truth is at this point we need the help. $4,000 honestly probably won’t even cover all the damage but it’s a start for my dad and a huge weight off his shoulders. I feel very motivated to help my dad fix this car simply because I miss the smile on his face every time we talked about it and drove it. It really did bring him joy and I want that joy back in his life.

I’m just a son trying to surprise his dad and finally relieve some stress from his life. Any donation will be so greatly appreciated, thank you.

For those concerned-
He was run off the road by another driver straight into a telephone pole. The other driver fled the scene.

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