Mystery UK – Event Subscription

Childhood is full to the brim with new experiences: new skills are learned and new environments are explored. As adults we cut down massively on our new experiences, which gives the brain a break from storing new information, and soon our weeks fly by.

Mystery UK develops new experiences for you to enjoy and challenge yourself with. Right now you’re likely getting up at the same time every day for work, listening to the same jokes, eating the same lunch, going to the same bar with Janet from HR and going home to the same boxset.

This is your opportunity to try another door. In the morning you’ll receive a text saying “be at Waterloo Station for 7pm”; once you’ve confirmed you’re there, you’ll receive details of a unique, exclusive event tailored especially for you.

It could be a private stand-up show with packed lunches and drinks in a secret corner of Hyde Park.

It could be private Russian tuition over London’s finest coffee in London’s favourite patisserie.

It could be anything, but it will be new.

We’ve been implementing this schedule randomisation for each other and our partners for years now, and there’s been a radical change in our outlook. We find ourselves more interested in the world the more we go on, and have learnt so much and made great friends along the way.

We’re launching our business in the UK’s most diverse and exciting city, but plan to expand nationwide. That’s why we need your help to build a sturdy website and mobile experience, so that signing up and receiving messages is super easy. Our website and app development is going to cost £10K.

Although we plan to publicise this Kickstarter campaign, we’ll need a team of PR agents to help manage our brand, and get us in the public eye. We’ve been offered a generous and far reaching campaign for £25K spread over a year.

To create a series of phenomenal experiences every month, we’ll need a float to cover any unexpected expenses. For that we’ll need £5K. The campaign itself is going to cost us upwards of £3.5K too, including Kickstarter fees.