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In 2011 Mary Francis became very ill with chronic fatigue and was unable to work a normal job for several years. She lost her home and everything inside the home that she was unable to sell quickly. At that time there was no free help for healthcare in her local community and there were no funds to get medical tests so she fought her way back with extreme dieting and supplementation.

Tragedy struck in late 2014 when she was rushed to the emergency room and had her gallbladder removed. The medical reports determined she had several mild heart attacks. It took several months for her to bounce back and gain the strength to go back to work again but that only lasted for 2 years when the chronic fatigue returned. After thousands of dollars in medical tests and doctor visits, the only thing that could be determined was a form of myalgia and chronic liver disease. All of her credit cards are maxed out and now she does not qualify for a loan.

Mary is unable to work a normal full time job, but she has been fortunate enough to find part time work that does afford her to pay for basic necessities like rent, food and travel but there are no funds left to pay for medical expenses.

Most recent tests show extremely elevated liver enzymes and the need for a new round of scans, blood work and visits to specialists is needed. Any help to get the needed medical care would be greatly appreciated.

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