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New Google Search Appliance: 10 Million Documents in a Single Box

2008-08-06 10:00:00

New Google Search Appliance: 10 Million Documents in a Single Box

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.–(EMWNews)–Google Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOG) today announced an all-new version of the

Google Search Appliance integrated hardware

and software solution, with a new architecture that can index all of an

organization’s content up to 10 million

documents in a single box.

“It is now easier than ever for companies to give all employees a search experience inside their business,” said Dave Girouard,

president of Enterprise for Google. “With the improved architecture for

the search appliance, businesses can provide secure search across the

largest enterprise content repositories such

as Documentum, Filenet, LiveLink, and Sharepoint

all from one easy-to-maintain appliance.”

Typical enterprise search solutions require several servers (such as

multiple front-end web servers, index servers and database servers),

each of which need to be separately maintained.

For large volumes of content, a traditional implementation might require

10 or more servers. As content in an organization grows, the effort to

maintain the investment in hardware and software becomes exponentially

more costly and time consuming demanding

increasing numbers of servers along with the additional personnel to

manage and configure them.

The new Google Search Appliance Google’s

iconic yellow box that provides universal search capabilities across an

organization’s content is designed to make

it easy to deploy and administer enterprise-wide search, even as content

grows. The scalable architecture and core relevancy algorithms used by

the Google Search Appliance ensure users get a high quality search

experience across more enterprise content.

“We were invited to participate in the beta program for the new Google

Search Appliance and were extremely pleased with its simplified

deployment architecture,” says Renée

Nocker, Director of Enterprise Business Intelligence for Kimberly-Clark.

“Being able to search 10 million documents in a box not only makes

maintenance and deployment across our domestic and international

locations much easier, but we also get the same fast, reliable and

relevant search results we’ve come to expect from Google.”

In addition to capacity and performance improvements, the new Google

Search Appliance offers improved search quality, enhanced

personalization, security and language support.

Capacity and Performance

  • Indexes 10 million documents in a single appliance

    A new architectural design that takes advantage of improvements in

    hardware and software increases the single appliance index capacity to

    10 million documents.

Improved Search Quality and More Personal Experience for Users

  • Search across all enterprise content

    Universal search capabilities for secure access to web servers,

    portals, file shares, databases, real-time business data, and

    enterprise content systems including EMC Documentum, IBM FileNet,

    OpenText Livelink, and Microsoft SharePoint.

  • Personalization New scoring policies

    allow administrators to adjust search results for different user

    groups, based on department or function. For example, engineers can

    choose to receive code and design documents at the top of their result

    set, while results for the marketing department can favor marketing


  • Advanced Biasing Administrators can now

    bias results based on metadata (in addition to biasing based on

    source, URL or date). For example, administrators can promote one type

    of document (such as ‘Whitepaper’) over others (such as ‘Log file’).

  • Alerts Employees can subscribe to email

    alerts for topics and documents of interest, choosing an hourly,

    daily, or weekly alert schedule.

  • Advanced reporting The search appliance

    now offers advanced search analytics for every query, including

    reports on which queries receive no clicks by a user and how often

    users are clicking on sponsored links in comparison to organic search

    results or OneBox modules.

  • Enterprise Labs Search Innovation The

    Google Enterprise Labs site gives

    businesses early access to the latest search experiments in order to

    evaluate and provide feedback. Recent innovations include

    Do-It-Yourself Keymatches, Search-As-You-Type and Google Sites

    Integration. These experiments and others are available online:

Enhanced Security and Language Support

  • Native Support for Kerberos Google Search

    Appliance supports Kerberos to provide single authentication for

    Sharepoint, file shares and non-Windows-based content systems, in

    addition to Windows-based systems.

  • International Expansion International

    support expanding to include: administrative functions in four new

    languages (English-UK, Portuguese-Portugal, Turkish, Vietnamese);

    contextual spell checking for all end users in Portuguese, French,

    Italian, German, Spanish, and Dutch; and contextual query expansion

    for all end users in Dutch.

“For us, choosing an enterprise search solution came down to two

factors: getting the quickest and most relevant search results. Not only

does the Google Search Appliance deliver fast and relevant results, but

our employees and agents don’t need anything more technical than a few

keywords to find what they need,” said Kenneth Hittel, VP Corporate

Internet, New York Life Insurance Company. “And the new personalization,

biasing, and alert features represent the type of user-focused

innovation that makes the Google Search Appliance a good fit for our

agents and for our organization.”

The Google Search Appliance is available in a variety of standard

configurations with capacities from 500,000 to 30M documents. Custom

configurations in excess of 30 million are available upon request. For

more information, please visit

About Google Inc.

Google’s innovative search technologies connect millions of people

around the world with information every day. Founded in 1998 by Stanford

Ph.D. students Larry Page and Sergey Brin, Google today is a top web

property in all major global markets. Google’s targeted advertising

program provides businesses of all sizes with measurable results, while

enhancing the overall web experience for users. Google is headquartered

in Silicon Valley with offices throughout the Americas, Europe and Asia.

For more information, visit

Google, Google Search Appliance and Google Enterprise Labs are the

trademarks of Google Inc. All other company and product names may be

trademarks of the respective companies with which they are associated.

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