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New Intellect Style Training Helps Sales People Close the Deal

2008-07-22 02:00:00

New Intellect Style Training Helps Sales People Close the Deal

Sales people who know how to get into their customer’s comfort zone can close the deal more often and in a shorter period of time. New training introduced by Mormac Brand Re-engineering teaches sales people how different intellect styles process information and develop objections.

Alvinston, Ontario (EMWNews) July 22, 2008 — Relating to your customer in their ‘comfort zone’ increases your chances of making the sale and getting that customer to come back for more, according to Wendy MacQueen, owner of Mormac Brand Re-engineering.

“A statement of the obvious perhaps,” she adds, “but most sales people aren’t aware there even is a comfort zone. Sales people often think it is their glowing personalities that close the sale, but most of the time the top sales people are those who can modify their behaviour to match their customer’s needs.”

Mormac is introducing new training that teaches sales teams the different intellect styles and how to successfully interact with them. The training also includes identifying the sales force’s intellect styles so they know when they are running into barriers.

“Intellect styles are about how people process information. Different intellect styles come up with different objections in the sales process,” explains Ms. MacQueen. “If you have an awareness of the intellect style you are dealing with, you know which sales tools can help overcome the objection.”

The new intellect style sales training is designed to deliver the basics in intellect style awareness and help businesses develop the sales tools to overcome objections for all the intellect styles. The four-hour training session is particularly valuable for new members of the sales force.

“This training gives new sales people a definite leg-up in dealing with their customers,” Ms. MacQueen said. “The training also brings new ideas to established sales folks that can shorten the sales process.”

Mormac Brand Re-engineering is a full service marketing and training company with a focus on helping businesses realize their potential. For more information on this training, visit .

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